ZE:A's Dongjun Cast for Naver's New Web Drama "Aftermath"

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ZE:A member Dongjun has accepted a role in Naver's upcoming web drama "Aftermath."
The idol will join "Super Star K3" star Kim Min Suk and model Kim Ri Ah in the new web series about a shy high school student who becomes an unexpected hero.
Dongjun has been cast as the lead character, Ahn Dae Yong, a young man who, after a strange chain of events, suddenly gets the ability to predict murderers and their victims before the crimes are committed.Like Us on Facebook :
As more and more people around the world are turning in online to watch shows, web-based programs are becoming increasingly popular.
Naver is jumping on the bandwagon with "Aftermath," hoping to not only draw in fans of the idol actor and other cast members, but international K-Drama viewers as well by making the show easily accessible over the internet.
"Aftermath" is scheduled to premiere on January 6, so stay tuned for more information on ZE:A's Dongjun and his venture into online television.