ZE:A Park Hyungsik Shares About Himself "Even if I Do Fall in Love with Someone..."

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ZE:A's Park Hyungsik spoke about his own personality in a magazine interview.
He revealed that the personality portrayed on TV's "Real Men" as the "baby soldier" is his actual personality. He is a baby at home with his parents, and that babyish personality also bleeds through when he is with his ZE:A members.
Of his personality, he says, "I have that last-child babyish personality. I'm very honest about my emotions as well."Like Us on Facebook :
On his ideal girlfriend, he says, "I always look at the eyes when I'm looking at the other sex. I like big eyes that draw people in. However, I'm not looking to date anyone right now. I think the timing isn't right for me to be dating someone. Even if I fall in love with someone, I'm more likely to keep my friendship with that person rather than to enter into a relationship."
The responses to the interview have been largely positive. Comments such as "Park Hyungsik's normal personality doesn't differ much from his TV character" and "His babyish personality is so lovable" have been most of the responses from the interview.
The original interview can be found in November's "Cosmopolitan Korea".
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan Korea