You Would Not Believe How Actor Lee Jong Suk Copes with Stress

onto Lee Jong Suk

Actor Lee Jong Suk confessed that he eats to relieve his stress.
He was interviewed along with fellow actor Seo In Guk and actress and Yuri to promote their upcoming movie, "No Breathing" on Naver's special program, "Line Star Chatting."
The three stars were featured for a promotion of the new movie which included special previews and the music video for the movie's OST.Like Us on Facebook :
When asked how each of them relieves stress, Lee Jong Suk responded that he usually orders a ton of food and eats his stress away. It surprised many of the fans who were tuning in.
Yuri responded that she spends time alone, usually reading or watching TV.
The first Korean feature film made about swimming, "No Breathing" is a story about two boys who compete for the best record in the country and their love interest.
Photo credit: Naver Line Star Chatting Screen Cap