Yong Pal Episode 13 - I'm a Crocodile......Hear Me Roar.

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<div>Yong Pal Episode 13 - I'm a Crocodile......Hear Me Roar.</div>

With only 5 episodes left (yes they finally decided that the drama will be 18 episodes total) the writers finally decided to let Yeo Jin stand up and became the driving force of her own fate. And while in theory this is a good thing, in execution, this Ahjumma is left wondering "What the fudge is she doing?" Let's just say that the final scene left me feeling slightly appalled and hoping that what I think happened, didn't really happen. But before we get to that, let's chat about how Yeo Jin the crocodile came to be.
You know you are having a bad day when you find out you have lost control of your sister to her husband doctor. Not to mention you are tricked into admitting your blackmailing tendencies to the anti-corruption department of the government. And to top it all off, your trusted Secretary lackey ditches you for another woman.....i.e. your sister. Do Joon is just not having any luck with his evil plan execution. And it is actually very satisfying to watch him screw up and Yeo Jin get some payback.
Rather than getting his sister recommitted Do Joon is arrested and dragged off in a huff of embarrassment. Along with Greedy Ahjussi who is arrested for being an accessory to murder (remember they have Scarface?). The bad guys are gone and Yeo Jin is queen of her domain.
I loved that the writers did not forget the poor mummy girl who had died and switched with Yeo Jin. Yeo Jin allows the union members to bring in the burial photo of the girl who had died at Hanshin electronics, and formally apologized for taking the persons place in order to survive. Also that the family would be compensated and the lay-off issues would be resolved immediately.
Turns out that Yeo Jin, when possessing a tiny bit of power, is kind of a witch crocodile. She promptly kicks out Cheo Young (even though she is one of the people that openly helped her) and starts playing queen of the manor as soon as she exits the car.

But where is Tae Hyeon while his new bride runs amuck with power? Our sexy Yong Pal is bromancing it up at the police station with Annoying Detective. Tae Hyeon is confirming Greedy Ahjussi's arrest and questioning the likelihood of the man getting off. Detective assures him that they will get a confession soon (rolling my eyes since the police never get confessions). He then sends Tae Hyeon off like a long lost best friend, assuring him he will only have to pay a slight fine for his Yon Palling situation. Have to admit that they are cute friends, however I won't miss the detectives "Yong Pallllllll...." fighting call
Secretary is waiting outside the police station waiting to take Tae Hyeon home.... home to his new wife's mansion that is. Secretary keeps calling Tae Hyeon "Sir" despite our down to earth lead's objection. Secretary explains that it is the equivalent being called "Madame Wife" for the wives of the family. Secretary tells Tae Hyeon -- soon all of this, including his new abode, will become a place you can never give up. Tae Hyeon reaffirms that he has no interest in wealth or power. I like that Tae Hyeon is not jumping for joy at being Mr Yeo Jin.

Lets take a quick look on what is happening at the police station with Do Joon and Greedy Ahjussi. Blah blah blah "I'm important" blah. "You can't touch me" Blah blah blah. Obviously their feelings of self importance are still going strong.

Since all that is as boring as dirt in a desert, lets instead have some couple time. Which is by far the best part of the episode. I loved everything about it. I loved the cute back hug, the couple cooking moments, the dinner on the kitchen counter. Even the cute sexual banter and talk about having a formal wedding. They really were adorable in this scene. Also I was highly impressed with how thoughtful Tae Hyeon was in regards to the staff and that he reprimanded Yeo Jin (very softly) for wanting to take advantage. You can tell that the cook and maid that were watching the couple do their date were highly pleased with their new master.

Tae Hyeon was also beyond kind to the uptight housekeeper, informing her that she had a medical issue that needed taken care of, and to see him at the hospital tomorrow. And then refusing to act all Lord of the Manor when driven around by his bodyguard. Basically Tae Hyeon wins over the staff due to his basic manners and kindness to everyone. You can tell the staff love him by the massive feast they provide for his breakfast. Yup, I believe the staff has officially been Joo Won'd
Checking back into the Police Station front. Blah blah blah "your son is worried about you " blah blah blah hidden evil subtext and secret note sharing. Next thing you know Creepy Ahjussi is using everyone's favorite method of suicide as he breaks his pottery bowl and uses a shard to slice his throat. Sometimes I feel like making a protest sign saying "Save the Pottery" or maybe "Just Say No To Wine Glass Violence".
After he dies we see that the note he was given says "Father, Save me." Now the question becomes, "Who forced Greedy Ahjussi to die?"
Yeo Jin has conquered her brother, at least for now, so it is time to put the rest of the board under her thumb. Which is difficult when they just consider you a wheelchair bound invalid. Patting Yeo Jin on the head and telling her not to worry, the board of directors try to push her into the background. Amid the male condescending cackling all of their phones ring and they get the message that President Go was dead. Looks like the Go and Do Joon ship is looking a little bit shaky since they start groveling immediately. 
My Thoughts:Uhm. Am I wrong in my impression that Yeo Jin had something to do with Greedy Ahjussi's timely suicide? Holy crap did she go into revenge murder mode this fast? And how is Tae Hyeon going to feel about his new crocodile of a wife? He doesn't seem the type to support that kind of evil behavior.
 I enjoyed the romantic scene of the show a lot. The cooking was super cute and humanized Yeo Jin to a point where you can relate. Sadly Yeo Jin, without Tae Hyeon right next to her, is not very likable. I am afraid that the writers are setting Yeo Jin onto a very dark path which this blogger is not going to enjoy.
But at least we get some great interaction between Tae Hyeon and, literally, everyone else in the cast. It is probably not a good thing that I am enjoying his interaction with the cook more than that of his high and mighty wife. I guess I will have to take my silver lining and hope that the writers don't really make Yeo Jin into a female version of her brother and greedy Ahjussi. That is something that would possibly be unforgivable for this viewer.
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