Wooyoung - Park Se Young to be the new couple on 'We Got Married'

<div>Wooyoung - Park Se Young to be the new couple on 'We Got Married'</div>

onto We Got Married

It's confirmed that 2PM's Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young will star as a new couple on "We Got Married Season 4"
With the upcoming departure of Taemin - Naeun, Wooyoung - Park Se Young will join the show and replace the couple. It was revealed that today January 2nd, the two will start their first recording at Apgujeong Rodeo Street. The couple is expected to bring in a newly fresh atmosphere since this is the first time that they work together..
Meanwhile, couples Jung Joon Young - Jung Yoo Mi and Yoonhan - Lee So Yeon continue to stay on the show.

Nickhun shares fans a new photo of himself being kissed on the cheek by a girl.
On December 25th, he tweeted,"Look at what I got for Christmas" along with a photo. Nickhun was kissed on the cheek by a girl while he expressed a sulky expression. It was later revealed that the girl is his younger sister named Cherreen.
Netizen commented on the photo,"Cute siblings","His sister is so pretty!","Nickhun seems to love his family a lot", and so on

Kim Woo Bin and Nichkhun wear the same red knitted shirt with different aura.
Woo Bin wore the shirt at M!Countdown while Nickkhun wore it and appeared at an anniversary party. While Woo Bin just simply matched the shirt with a black skinny pants, Nickhun looked more dandy with a scarf hidden inside the shirt and white pants.
What do think about this? Who wears it better?

2PM's Junho, miss A's Suzy, BEAST's Gikwang, A Pink's Eunji, K.Will and IU have a special collaboration on Music Bank.Check out their sweet performance below

2PM's Wooyoung and A Pink's Naeun transform into a copy for "Master's Sun" parody. SBS revealed a BTS footage during the filming, fans will be able to watch the short clip during the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun. Watch the BTS video below:

2PM's CEO Taecyeon sings for his own character the Okcat!You can purchase some Okcat related products on its online shopping mall here, as written on the page the CEO of this adorable plushy is none other than 2PM's charismatic rapper Taecyeon.Listen to his song below, cute enough?

2PM's Nichkhun and Nam Bora transform into a lovely couple for It's Skin.Check out their latest CF below, which scene is your favorite?

2PM's Nichkhun and Nam Bora spotted filming a new CF for cosmetic brand "It's Skin".
They will release 4 new TV ads together with themes such as "The selcas of lovers","Kiss" and "Phone calls" and etc.
In addition, this is not the first time Nichkhun and Nam Bora work together as they have collaboration in magazine photoshoot and others CFs before this.
Do they look great together in these photos?

After annoucing their Japanese comeback, 2PM finally release the tracklist for 3rd Japanese album 'Genesis of 2PM'.Their new Japanese album will include 13 songs, in which 9 are new. It will also be released in three versions, Normal , TYPE A and TYPE B. The album can be purchased starting on January 29, 2014.
See the list below:DISC 1
3. Merry-go-round
4. Winter Games
5. 永遠~Lasting heart~
6. Step by Step
7. Falling in love
9. Only Girl
10. I want you
11. Stay Here
12. NEXT Generation
13. Beautiful DaySource: SonyMusic

2PM's Nickhun recently attended the 30th Thailand International Motor Expo 2013 on December 10. In this event, he met his fans and presented prizes for them.However, one courageous fanboy must be feeling nervous being in front of Nickhun that he didn't realized he was touching his 'back' when they have their photo taken.Nickhun, who is naturally kind to his fans, cutely reacted afterwards and even faces the audience telling them that he touched it. Fans were amused to his reaction and kind gestures even though it's not an appropriate act.They commented, "Such a nice man, he didn't get furious even though it's wrong.","I think the fanboy didn't do it intentionally, but still cute Nickhun.","His reaction is too funny!","I like him even more!" and so on.Watch the fantaken clip below:
Would you react the same like him?Written by [email protected]
Video by [email protected]

2PM releases the full MV of their latest Japanese single titled "Step By Step".The members of 2PM are getting more matured and of course hotter in their new MV, watch below.

2PM's Taecyeon has recently shared his plan about enlistment on his guest appearance at KBS 2TV’s The Human Condition.He revealed that after finishing all the scheduled activities until the end of 2015, he will enlist in the army. Aside from it, he also shared what is his ideal type.He expressed, "I like pure with innocent image. She should have at least 5'6". My ideal type is Scarlett Johansson from The Avengers. I never asked a girl out first." He also mentioned that idols are more likely to hunt someone to date nowadays.Watch the full broadcast on December 7.

2PM and miss A collaborate with Smile Gate company to promote popular shooter game "Crossfire".The promotional video of the game includes some exciting shooting scenes and the main characters of the CF showcase their professional acting skills.Watch the CF beloe.

Yes! You can now get the latest photo and video updates from 2PM's Junho as he finally became the 3rd 2PM member to land instagram after Jun. K and Wooyoung.See his first post below, A cute video with Chansung!
Follow his account @dlwnsgj

Aside from 2PM,  Bangtan Boys (BTS) also participated in the 11th Photo "Letters of Angels" project!
"Letters of Angels" is a project of photographer Jo Sae Hyun which started in 2003. This project encourages everyone to change babies' life through adopting them.

2AM, TaeTiSeo, 4minute, and SISTAR's Hyorin and Soyu spent time with the babies as well.

written by: [email protected]

2PM spent their precious time to participate in the 11th Photo Project of the Angels' Letters.
The six handsome and talented men of 2PM proved that they are more than just being good-looking. The heartwarming group encouraged everyone, who has the capacity, to adopt babies and give them a better future ahead of them.
written by: [email protected]: Naver

2PM’s Chansung has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming movie ‘Deoksoori 5 Brothers’ alongside actors Lee Kwang Soo and Yoon Sang Hyun.
The comic thriller movie centers on five brothers who experience a deal of trouble after trying to rebuild family affection. Chansung will take on the role of Soogeun, who dreams of becoming a police officer.
A representative stated, “We decided to cast Chansung after watching his diverse charms and deep emotions shown in dramas.”
‘Deoksoori 5 Brothers’ is set to release next year.

The upcoming romatic comedy film ‘Marriage Blue’ released the full music video for OST single featuring the entire cast.
On November 3, ‘Marriage Blue’ (or ‘The Night Before the Wedding’) revealed its music video for OST single of the same title, which was personally composed by 2PM’s Taeyeon.
The song was recorded by lead cast members Taecyeon, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Jun Hee and more, while the music video features glimpses of scenes from the actual movie.
Check out the MV below:

With its upcoming release, movie 'Marriage Blue' releases a still cut for 2PM Taecyeon's character.Wearing a chef's uniform while holding a pan on his hand, Taecyeon portrays a perfect image of a chef-in-love. He plays the role of Won-Cheol, the fiancé of Lee Yeon-Hee's character So-mi.What do you think of Taecyeon being a charming chef? Will So-mi find another man before their wedding?The movie "Marriage Blue' is about the lives of couples who are yet to marry and will be on theaters starting on November 21.

Getting fans pumped up, the upcoming movie ‘Marriage Blue’ (Korean title: ‘The Night Before the Wedding’) released new trailer featuring a star studded cast including Taecyeon, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Yeon Hee, Go Jun Hee and more.
‘Marriage Blue’ features different stories about four engaged couples who go through pre-wedding traumas and many other events. The romantic-comedy film will be directed by Hong Ji Young, who debuted with ‘Kitchen’ in 2009.
Check out the trailer below.