Wonder Girls' Yeeun on the Set of "Basketball" with Other Stars

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Photos of the first episode of "Basketball" were released featuring several well-known young actors in the drama.
The staff of tvN drama "Basketball" uploaded a couple of photos of the actors onto their official homepage before the first episode to air on October 21st. In the photo, Do Ji Han, Lee Elliya, Jung Dong Hyun, Park Ye Eun, and Jung Seung Kyo are each pictured holding up a paper with the time of the drama's show time and smiling brightly at the camera. Although the photo was taken on set outdoors in the chilly weather, the actors bring forth warm energy with their vibrant smiles.
The drama staff released another photo featuring the love birds in the drama. The love triangle characters are Kang San, Choi Shin Young, and Min Chi Ho, played by Do Ji Han, Lee Elliya, and Jung Dong Hyun. Lee Elliya is standing in between the two actors, and the three are posing affectionately with each other. Park Ye Eun, who plays Go Bong Soon in the drama, is also posing with her lover in the film, Bae Sung Won, played by Jung Seung Kyo.Like Us on Facebook :
The drama will feature rookie actors with lots of potential, and also more experienced actors such as Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Eung Soo, An Suk Hwan, Lee Han Wee, and Jo Hee Bong. Altogether they will come together to surprise the viewers with their exceptional acting skills.
"Basketball" will be directed by Kwak Jung Hwan, who has previously worked on other impressive action works such as "Han Sung," "Chuno," and "The Fugitive: Plan B." It will be the story of the one aspect in which Korea wins Japan - sports - and will show that the basketball court symbolized more than just a game for Korea, which was occupied by the Japanese at the time.
"Basketball" takes place about 70 years ago, and promises to give viewers the energy to live through this timeless code message drama. It will air tvN every Monday and Tuesday, and will also be available on CGV, Super Action, and XTM.
Photo credit: tvN