Who's Next? Big Bang, iKON or...?

<div>Who's Next? Big Bang, iKON or...?</div>


Source: OSEN via Naver 1. [+1114, -12] Everyday is April Fool's Day for Yang Hyun Suk 2. [+1043, -26] The teaser photo is of dynamite sticks ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When that explodes, it creates a 'big bang' so... duh 3. [+706, -21] Big Bang's comeback!!!!!!! 4. [+698, -56] Let us see Big Bang for once... fanboys are waiting too! 5. [+562, -23] Please, let them actually make a comeback this time 6. [+95, -3] If they're really going to come out on April 1st then it's going to be a head to head fight between SM, YG and JYP. On March 30th, EXO and Miss A are coming out and if on top of that a YG artist comes out in April... woah 7. [+82, -2] If it's on April Fool's then that day will be about 'Lies' and if it's 'Lies' then that means it's Big Bang 8. [+78, -3] Yang Hyun Suk said that the first runner up would be Big Bang so of course it's got to be them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's got to keep his word this time 9. [+71, -2] If they say "Just kidding! No one's coming back!" on April Fool's Day... then that means Dynamite Explosives = Just kidding! = Lies = Big Bang? Right?  10. [+64, -6] I'm a guy and I don't listen to a lot of male idol groups but I do listen to YG's artists. I hope Big Bang, Winner, and iKON make a comeback soon 11. [+69, -6] I'm going to kill them if they say 'April Fool's! No one's making a comeback!'  -