Which artist does Suzy want to work with?

Which artist does Suzy want to work with?

onto Miss A

Suzy chose Park Jin Young and Lee Hyori as the artists she wants to work with.
On December 27th, Suzy along with Lee Hwi Jae and Yoon Si Yon hosted 2013 KBS Gayo Daechukjae. When Lee Hwi Jae asked,"Is there any singer you want to stand on stage together?", and Suzy answered,"I want to stand on a stage together with Park Jin Young", showed her loyalty to her agency.
But Lee Hwi Jae just jokingly asked back,"Isn't this answer too boring? and he continued,"How about SM Lee Soo Man?",while Yoon Si Yoon asked,"How about Hyun Mi teacher?"
Upon this Suzy then gave her answer,"I want to perform on the same stage with Lee Hyori. I'm really a big fan of her"

Recently it was revealed that THEFACESHOP - a cosmetic brand in which Suzy is endorsing became number 1 among all the skincare and beauty products in Korea.
Previously TMON also raised to number 1 among all the online shopping websites in Korea with 800,740 points and chosen as the most trustable site by customers, all thanks to Suzy's effect from her promotion.
THEFACESHOP achieved 30% increase in sale with 308,400,000,000 won and became the top cosmetic brand, while the 2nd place belongs to Missha with quite a big gap behind as their total sale is 74,300,000,000 won. It's no doubt that Suzy is the most important factor for their success.
THEFACESHOPE also surprised many people by releasing a brand new perfume called "Suzy".

4Minute, miss A and A Pink performed in the latest episode of Sketchbook.A total of 1,200 single men were invited to the show and they were excited to see them performing.Enjoy their performance below

MBC revealed on 26th December that SISTAR and miss A will have a dance battle on variety show "Real Man". Kim Suro and Sam Hammington will team up with SISTAR while Son Jin Young and Hyungshik will collaborate with miss A.
The Christmas special episode of "Real Man" will be broadcast on 29th December.

According to a survey from CocaCola company about "Which celebrity you want to travel with on New Year's Day" involving 1000 participants between 10 - 30 years old, the result came out with Yoo Jae Suk won 1st place in male category with 31.4% of total votes and Suzy won in female category with 23%.
The reasons female chose Yoo Jae Suk: he always looks brightful, he's a good listener so he will be able to make the trip more enjoyable. After Yoo Jae Suk are Noh Hong Chul(16.5%), Lee Jong Suk(9%) and Lee Minho(8.9%).
Suzy with her "Nation First Love" image, is a friendly and innocent looking person, also her cheerful personality will be able to make everyone around her happy and relax. After Suzy is Apink's Eunji as no.2 and IU as no.3. Gong Hyo Jin, Moon Chae Won and Go Ara were also mentioned in the list.

Famous cosmetic THEFACESHOP just surprised everyone by releasing a new perfume called "Suzy".

A representative said this new perfume was inspired from Suzy herself. The fragrance is a mixture of sweet with a little bit of sexy just like the image of Suzy. The price is set to be 28.900 krw

2PM's Junho, miss A's Suzy, BEAST's Gikwang, A Pink's Eunji, K.Will and IU have a special collaboration on Music Bank.Check out their sweet performance below

miss A's members transform into female assassins for "Crossfire".The girls are dressed in cool outfits, showing off their charm as professional shooter.Check out the photos of all members here, whose photo is your favorite?

'Nation's First Love' Suzy is voted as the "Best Santa Girl".
Online travel company Expedia made a survey for 20 - 30 years old single men and women, a total of 1000 people took part in various topics in the surveys related to Christmas. And the results were announced on December 18th.
One of the topics was who is the female celebrity who suits Christmas costume the most. 500 people took part in the voting and Suzy came out as no.1 with 31.4% (157 votes).
2nd is Clara with her glamorous body, getting 15.6% (78 votes) and 3rd is Moon Chae Won with 15.4% (77 votes).
In the topic "Male celebrity who has good sense in woman's heart to prepare an event/gift for them". 500 girls/women took part in the voting and Yoo Jae Suk was chosen as no.1 with 16.6% (83 votes) Gong Yoo came out as no.2 with 16.4% (82 votes) while "Chilbong" Yoo Yeon Suk as no.3 with 14.4% (72 votes).

Miss A's Suzy, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Hwi Jae are going to host KBS Gayo Daejun this year.
On December 12th, the confirmation was offically released by the production crew of the show. All the artists that have been active throughout the year will present at this special event.
It's also said that YG Entertainment artists won't attend the this year's KBS Gayo Daejun,"It provides more opportunities for other artists, there will be a total of 20 groups are expected to attend, and there will also many special collaboration performances"
KBS Gayo Daejun will be broadcast live on December 27th.

Miss A's Suzy uploads a gorgeous selca on her twitter account on December 11.Suzy is looking gorgeous on her selca taken from their Hush performance at SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' on December 10. Wearing her Hush outfit, Suzy's petite figure and pretty face look outstanding in this angle.Meanwhile, Miss A just concluded their 'Hush' promotions in Korea on December 8. They are going to start activities in China soon.

Miss A's Fei and Jia thank fans for their 5-weeks promotions of 'Hush' in Korea.
The pretty ladies uploaded selcas along with their thank you message.

Fei wrote, "HUSH promotions in Korea has finished~ Thank you for being with us during the weekends of 5 weeks! However activities will start tomorrow in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan! I'm very excited. Are you ready?"

On the other hand, Jia wrote, "Our title track will end today after 5 weeks! Thanks for liking Hush everyone. We are going to Changsha as our first stop for China promotions tomorrow, we hope you could give us a lot of support! I love you all"Will you miss the girls?

miss A's members appear as guests on radio show Kiss The Radio.Suzy who has done a great job in acting showcases her angelic voice on the show, after singing Don't Forget Me, she sings a small parts of Still Love You and Too Much Tears, enjoy her performance below.How many points does she deserve out of 10?

Bangtan Boys' V, Rap Monster and Jung Kook moved their feet to the tune of miss A's 'Hush'.
With their own style, the three boys danced miss A's latest song, 'Hush', hilariously. 
Watch below: written by: [email protected]: BANGTANTV YouTube

KBS World uploaded the English subbed video of the Happy Together Girls groups special episode.miss A's Fei, Suzy, Girls' Day's Minah and A Pink's Eunji appeared in this episode, watch the video below:

miss A's Suzy updated her Twitter on 6th December.
She wrote,"the last week of activities for Hush...Already?".
She then uploaded a photo of herself in disappointment. miss A will end the promotional activities for "Hush" after performing on music shows this week, after performing on KBS Music Bank, they will perform at Music Core and Inkigayo on 7th and 8th December respectively.
Will you miss the girls?

2PM and miss A collaborate with Smile Gate company to promote popular shooter game "Crossfire".The promotional video of the game includes some exciting shooting scenes and the main characters of the CF showcase their professional acting skills.Watch the CF beloe.

miss A's Suzy who's active in drama, music as well as variety shows is selected as the endorser of social commerce.
She participates in the photoshoot of social commerce Ticket Monster's year end event, to bring out the theme of the event, Suzy poses in the cart in her latest set of photos.TMon revealed,"A week after Suzy's endorsement, our sales increases, no doubt people from all ages like Suzy."Meanwhile, Suzy is selected by reporters and advertisers as the "Favorite endorsers".

miss A's Suzy poses professionally in the BTS video of W Korea magazine.Suzy is featured in the December issue of W Korea magazine. She collaborates with fashion brand Bean Pole in her latest photoshoot, check out the BTS video below.

miss A's Suzy releases new CF for Urive Black Box.Besides showing her angelic smile in the new CF, she dance cutely in the latest promotional clips of Urive Black Box.Fans commented, "Suzy is so cute","Dance well and that adorable smile" and etc.Watch the video clips below: