What's Up This Week with... EXO (Week of October 13-19)

onto EXO

EXO hasn't been relaxing since their goodbye stage, although it is nice to see them chill and have fun especially when it involves them hanging out with other artists from their company.
Speaking of which, the terribly generous Eunhyuk has been nothing but his generous self, and he furthers this point by going out with EXO members Kai, Suho, Chanyeol and Sehun, along with his fellow super junior member Donghae. The six of them gathered around a table where they were doing their usual cute comical poses. In the tweet, Eunhyuk mentioned that he should probably buy his hoobaes some meals.
The boys also made sure to show their love and support to other artists under the same label as them, mainly their favorite hyungs SHINee. The boys of EXO made a compilation of photos that showcased their support their hyungs and posted this online to make their love known to the fans as well.Like Us on Facebook :