A Week Before His First Solo Album In 3 Years, Big Bang's Taeyang Discusses His Upcoming Release


2013 is shaping up to be a big year for solo releases from Big Bang members, as Taeyang prepares to become the third member of the group to release his own album in South Korea after Seungri's "Let's Talk About Love" dropped in August and G-Dragon's two-part "Coup D'Etat came out in September.
Additionally, Big Bang singer Daesang released his first solo album "D'scover" in Japan, back in February.
Taeyang's new solo album, his first in three years, is scheduled for release on Nov. 1.Like Us on Facebook :
According to a press release on Wednesday from Big Bang's record label YG Entertainment, the label had originally planned to release the album in September.
"Taeyang paid extra attention and care to the preparations for the new solo album, [so we decided to] delay the release schedule by about two months." the YG statement read.
"It is known that Taeyang has been preparing for his new solo album for a long time, in cooperation with both Korean and foreign musicians."
In an interview for this month's issue of the Korean edition of Elle Magazine, Taeyang talked about his hopes for the new record.
"I think no one will be bored listening to my music," said the 25-year-old singer.
"I've got this thing that I really want to do, then I came to have such a great desire to express what I want."
Taeyang also recalled his experience as a mentor to the aspiring artists on "WIN: Who Is Next" a reality show produced by YG Entertainment that allows audience members to select from two different boy bands competing for a record contract with the label.
The Big Bang band member was reminded of his early days as a 12-year-old aspiring performer participating, along with G-Dragon, in YG's famous trainee program.
"From the point when I decided to be a musician, I was desperate," Taeyang said.
"It was hard as a trainee, but looking back, I had the purest passion in those days. So I feel good when I see trainees now."