Wait, Let’s (Not) Be Shocked: Big Bang Comeback Delayed (Again)

Wait, Let’s (Not) Be Shocked: Big Bang Comeback Delayed (Again)


When was the last time we saw Big Bang together as five? “Monster?”

2012 seems like an eternity ago. Here we are in 2015, and we FINALLY got some hope that Big Bang would be back sometime this century year with both Taeyang and GD confirming at one time a Big Bang comeback would happen this year (meaning YG didn’t actually blow up the complex Big Bang was at during “Monster”).
YG said the comeback would be at an expected time (which could be no time according to the YG calendar). There were rumors that the comeback would be in March. Then, the rumors were pushed back to April, and now… date undetermined.
It’s okay, YG. We’ll just keep waiting. And waiting, and waiting…

Okay, let’s try to sort out today’s news.
According to an anonymous source, Big Bang was scheduled to have their comeback concert April 24th to 26th at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea to promote the new album. Then, YG clarified these rumors in a statement: “We scheduled Big Bang’s concerts from April 24th to 26th in advance. Since making their debut, they have been holding concerts with their album release so we reserve the venues in advance.” He later said Big Bang is still working on the album because quality is a priority (as should be the case for any artist for any album).
With this news, there is also an expectation the concerts, too, will be delayed with confirmation on dates coming in about a week or so.
Other rumors floating around today were that iKON and WINNER would be the opening acts for Big Bang’s comeback concert, but YG denied these rumors. Papa YG responded by saying “Prior to the end of this year, following BIG BANG as the lead, WINNER and iKON both will release new albums as well. Three teams are busily preparing for their albums.”
So it looks like we’ll be waiting a while longer, VIPs. Remember, YG uses a different calendar from the rest of us, so his soon isn’t our soon. We just hope another year doesn’t go by without a Big Bang appearance.
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