VIXX's concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena is "trying too hard"?

<div>VIXX's concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena is "trying too hard"?</div>

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March 28, 2015


Pann: VIXX's concert is trying too hard

(Pann talks about how VIXX's concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena is a failed attempt because the seats are not filling up)


1. [+248, -28] Out of all Korean idols, the only groups that have completely filled Olympic Gymnastics Arena are Shinhwa, EXO, SHINee, Bigbang, Winner and Infinite. Even normal singers don't really hold a concert at there unless they're PSY, Park Hyo Shin, Toy, Seo Taiji, Cho Yong Pil, or Lee Seunggi
2. [+189, -209] They barely sell 70k albums by 30 fansigns. How do they even think they can fill the arena?
3. [+126, -79] The second 2PM ㅋㅋㅋㅋ On August 2010, 2PM held a concert at the arena but there were so many empty seats. So after that, they couldn't borrow the arena again ㅋㅋ
4. [+82, -14] The best reply, 2PM sold out all tickets for Tokyo Dome. They're at a different class from VIXX. I'm not bashing VIXX, I'm saying that VIXX will fill the seats someday
5. [+77, -10] It's really hard to fill the arena. Why are you guys pitying them?
6. [+53, -9] So they're not allowed to have a concert at the arena if they can't fill the seats? Do you think they were expecting to fill the seats? I'm sure VIXX knows it better ㅋㅋ VIXX is the only idol group in their company so they're just taking care of the group. The company will deal with it if it causes a loss. Are you jealous that they're having a concert at the arena? Why do you care whether they have a concert at the arena or not? So funny