T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung pose together in a group photo

T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung pose together in a group photo


On December 28th, a backstage photo of all the staff and the cast of movie "Tazza2" was revealed.
T.O.P and Shin Se Kyung were spotted in the photo. There are also some familiar faces like Kim In Kwon, Kwak Do Won, Park Hyo Joo, Go Soo Hee and Yoo Hae Jin.
"Tazza 2" is the second part of the popular movie "Tazza: The High Rollers" which was released on 2006 and attracted 7 million viewers. The story is about in the second part is about a love story fulls of obstacles between Ham Dae Gil (T.O.P) and Heo Mi Na ( Shin Se Kyung).
The movie started filming in December and will be released in 2014.

Seungri was reported to have involved in a car accident in China because a fan's car following him.
Around 11pm kst on 23rd, after leaving from an event in Shanghai, Seungri's van was chased by a fan's car and got hit from behind.
On December 24th, YG Entertainment released a statement,"The info about Seungri got into an accident in Shanghai is true. Fortunately it was a minor accident so he didn't get any injury"
Chinese police then asked the representative about what kind of legal would they take for these fans but YG's side only asked to treat them leniently. They also added,"It didn't cause Seungri any injury so he will continue with his schedule as usual"

G-Dragon poses for the January 2014 Issue of W Korea magazine.
W Korea magazine revealed the covers of G-Dragon posing for Italy L’UOMO VOGUE. There will be a special report regarding G-Dragon.
The magazine will be sold on 16th December.

Are you curious what's on Big Bang's wishlist?G-Market asks the members what gifts they want to receive this Christmas and the guys list them down! What are they? Is it something you could afford? Yes! Definitely!So watch below and prepare it as soon as possible!
Also see the individual photos of the members below:

Dear DKPOPNEWS readers, we started a poll last week for fans to vote for their favorite 2013 MAMA performance. A total of 6,548 readers have voted in this poll.EXO topped the poll with 40% of the total votes followed by Big Bang with 27% or 1,832 votes. INFINITE and 2NE1 are ranked on 3rd and 4th place respectively followed by Trouble Maker, Rain and Crayon Pop.

Share your thoughts regarding the final result.

Big Bang's Taeyang didn't waste time to stroll alone while they are in Osaka.On November 30, Taeyang uploaded photos of him taken along the street. Under the bright sky, Taeyang wrapped himself in his black stylish get up.He is wearing black pullover, leather short, beanie and a mask. Seems like Taeyang doesn't want to get a tan? He wrote, "The weather seems good." In his photos, he posed like he's about to jump and there's a photo of him raiding a store.

Big Bang held their Japanese Dome Tour at Kyocera in Osaka on November 29. They will be there until December 1 for a 3-day concert.

Being playful during their other scenes in the behind-the-scene clip of 'Yubikoi', Big Bang's Seungri puts aside his playfulness and gets serious during the kissing scene with actress Takimoto Miori.Seungri revealed before that he was nervous for his first kiss scene. In the clip, he was diligently practicing his actions prior to the kissing scene while trying to joke around.Meanwhile, 'Yubikoi' is a mobile drama wherein Seungri plays a Korean homestay student, who moves into Miu (played by Takimoto Miori)’s house. It will start on December 4 and can be exclusively watched through entertainment app UULA.Watch his kissing scene's BTS below:

2NE1's Dara shared a hilarious and dorky photo taken with Big Bang's G-Dragon and fellow member CL.
She wrote on her instagram account,"Copying Chaelin's bloated philtrum expression, Jiyong & Dara kkk you guys also send proof of your bloated philtrum to Chaerinnie please^.^"Who is the wackiest of them all?

Seungri, Taeyang and G-Dragon felt so honored to be standing next to legendary singer Stevie Wonder. Big Bang was given privilege to present the 'Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award' to Stevie Wonder at the recently held 2013 MAMA in Hongkong on 22nd.Taeyang uploaded the photo on his instagram account and wrote, "It was an honor to meet you and present you with an award #steviewonder"

In the photo, Taeyang and G-Dragon were posing well-behaved next to Stevie Wonder while Seungri was giving two thumbs up and seemed proud to have a photo taken with the legend.

Here is the completed list of winners from the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Congratulations!Best Solo Female Dance Award - CLBest Female Dance Award - SISTAR (1st award)Nissan Juke Best Music Video Award - GDragon (1st award)Best New Female Artist Award - Crayon PopBest Male Artist Award - GDragon (2nd award)Song of the Year Award - Cho Young-Pil "Bounce"Best Dance Performance- Male Solo Award - GDragon for "Crooked" (3rd award)Best Female Vocal Performance Award - AileeStyle in Music Award - SISTAR (2nd award)Next Generation Global Star Award - APinkWorldwide Performer Award - INFINITE (1st award)International Favorite Artist Award - YLVIS

Artist of the Year Award - GDragon (4th award)
Best Male Dance Performance Award - SHINee
Best Male Vocal Performance Award - Lee Seung Gi 
Best Rap Performance Award - Dynamic Duo

Best Band Performance Award - Busker Busker
Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award - Stevie Wonder 
Best Male Group Award - INFINITE (2nd award)

Best Female Group Award - SNSD
Best Concert Performer Award - Lee Seung Chul
Best Female Artist Award - Lee Hyori
Album of the Year Award- EXO
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Watch the exciting and special performances from the recent 2013 MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hongkong.----this post is being updated----Stevie Wonder, Hyorin, Aaron Kwok - I Just Called To Say I Love You
RAIN performance
BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby
G-Dragon - Crooked
Taeyang - Ringa Linga
BIGBANG スンリ - Strong Baby + Let's Talk About Love
EXO - Growl + Wolf
All Night + I Love It - Icona Pop ft CL

Destiny - Infinite + Trouble Maker MAMA Trouble Maker INFINITE - BTD(2013 MAMA)
2NE1 Lonely and Missing You
Ylvis and Crayon Pop

Taeyang posted a photo with Seungri taken at the backstage of their Japan Tour concert. He wrote, " "Japan dome tour with @seungriseyo sometimes we get bored waiting #backstage #bigbang#japandometour"Wearing their concert outfits, the two sit steadily while waiting to meet their fans.

Taeyang recorded a video message for Hong Kong VIP.He introduces his latest single Ringa Linga in his intro video, watch it here:

It has been reported that Big Bang’s T.O.P and actress Shin Se Kyung have been confirmed to star in the sequel to the hit movie, ‘Tazza’.‘Tazza 2’ will be directed by the original film’s director, Kang HyungChul, who has filmed several more hits like ‘Speedy Scandal’ and ‘Sunny’. It is the second part of the four-part original manhwa, which is titled ‘Hand of God’.In the film, T.O.P will play the main character Ham Dae Gil (Goni’s nephew in Tazza), while Shin Se Kyung will play his lover, Heo Mi Na.Other actors who are being considered as strong candidates to join the cast included Kim In Kwon, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Yoon Seok and Park Hyo Joo. The movie will start the filming at the end of this year.

Big Bang’s T.O.P has definitely positioned himself as a highflier by sweeping across music charts with comeback solo single “Doom Dada”.On November 15, T.O.P released his latest single “Doom Dada” and it immediately grabbed the No.1 position on seven major music sites in Korea, namely Melon, Naver music, Olleh, Bugs, Mnet, Genie and Monkey3.Not only on major music charts, but “Doom Dada” also on iTunes Singles Charts of Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia. This is a record set simply by unveiling the song and its peculiar music video, without even having to appear on TV.Meanwhile, T.O.P will be participating in ‘2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ which will take place in Hong Kong on November 22nd.

Big Bang members have come together once again at their two-day Seibu Dome concert on November 16-17 and gave their blast to their VIPs.It was announced before that some of their new songs would be performed but unfortunately, no new songs have come available for the concert yet. They have a total of 33 songs performed from their setlist including the members' solo performances.First members who expressed their excitement are G-Dragon and Taeyang who took their instagram accounts to update.Taeyang uploaded a photo him with G-Dragon and wrote "Seibu dome!! Otsukare! We had mad fun! Thank u #bigbang#japantour @xxxibgdrgn".Check the setlist of their concert below:1. Haru Haru
2. Blue
3. Bad Boy- MC -4. Gara Gara Go
5. Hands Up
6. Seungri Solo: Let’s Talk About Love
7. Seungri Solo: Gotta Talk To U
8. Seungri Solo: What Can I Do
9. Daesung Solo: Wings
10. Daesung Solo: Joyful- MC -11. Tell Me Goodbye
12. Love Song- MC -13. La La La
14. Big Bang
15. Shake
16. Taeyang Solo: Ringa Linga
17. Taeyang Solo: Breakdown
18. Taeyang Solo: Super Star
19. GD Solo: Crayon
20. GD Solo: Shake the World (Intro)
21. GD Solo: Crooked (Korean Version)
22. TOP Solo: Turn It Up
23. TOP Solo: Doom Dada
24. Tonight
25. Feeling
26. Last Farewell
27. Fantastic Baby- MC -28. Lie
29. Heaven- Encore -30. Sunset Glow
31. Fantastic Baby
32. Feeling
33. Bad Boy
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Source: Taeyang's instagram & bigbangupdates
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Watch Taeyang's performances at Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook that aired on November 16. He performed an acoustic version of 'I Need A Girl", "Ringa Linga" and "Only Look At Me".Watch below: Source: 최 원영@Youtube
Photo: urthesun.com

G-Dragon proves how flexible he is by managing to fit himself inside a utility box. He posted a photo of himself through his twitter account on November 16 while waiting for their concert.He wrote, "Waiting for the concert yo".
What a unique way to kill time, isn't?Source: @IBGDRGN

2NE1's Park Bom will be featured in G-Dragon's Japanese version of 'Black' from his album 'Coup d’État’.Watch the preview here.

Big Bang's G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri display their playful and cute charms on the latest G-Market CF.
The boys are introducing Mobile G-Market App (Mo-G).Watch their cute CF below: