Suzy's styling is off?

<div>Suzy's styling is off?</div>

onto Miss A

September 27, 2015


(Naver comments criticizing her styling and makeup)


Pann: The class of JYP's styling and makeup

1. [+88, -12] Wow... she looks pretty. After seeing WM's work everyday, she looks so pretty to me. I was wondering what was wrong ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+54, -0] It's a lot better though. Wonder Girls and 2PM's stylist was one of the worst. Their outfits were pretty during the recent comeback though. But I want them to do Suzy's makeup properly ㅠㅠ Why did they have to change the stylist

3. [+47, -2] That's considered good. I want them to do Suzy's makeup properly. Her lip color always doesn't suit her and I also don't like her eye makeup, skin makeup, eyebrows, and everything.

4. [+35, -6] It's fine...

5. [+28, -38] Why are you guys spamming with B1A4 ㅋㅋ We're talking about Suzy's stylist, not your company's stylist. Forever whining about your oppars...

6. [+25, -0] She looks so pretty because I've always seen WM's styling...