Suzy vs Lee Minho

Suzy vs Lee Minho

onto Miss A

March 24, 2015


Pann: Suzy is too good for him vs Lee Minho is too good for her

1. [+254, -35] Lee Minho is a top hallyu celebrity in China whereas Suzy is popular only in Korea
2. [+228, -28] It's similar but if comparing their name values and careers, isn't Lee Minho too good? The one who's negatively affected is Suzy because of her nation's first love image. Lee Minho is a hallyu star in Asia and he's established in acting, so his career will last long. But once Suzy starts aging, her image of "innocent girl" will be useless. There are so many young and pretty girls debuting so she's trying to pursue acting, but she's only getting negative responses... For now, they're both top stars but in the future, Lee Minho will be too good
3. [+175, -30] As someone who saw Lee Minho in real life, I vote for Lee Minho
4. [+65, -4] They're dating, why does it matter ㅋㅋ
5. [+62, -4] But do you really think they match well? Lee Minho suits a fancy-looking face like Park Min Young, and Suzy suits a guy with monolids and averagely-handsome face like Kim Soo Hyun. They're both unexpected ㅋㅋ
6. [+45, -0] I'm studying in China and it's a mess here