Super Junior D&E’s “Growing Pains” Wins on Music Bank

<div>Super Junior D&E’s “Growing Pains” Wins on Music Bank</div>

onto Super Junior D&E’s “Growing Pains” Wins on Music Bank

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On the 17th episode of JTBC Friday & Saturday drama, "Maids", Gook In-yeop (eong Yoo-mi) met Taejo King Lee Seong-gye.Gook In-yeop appealed Seong-gye that her father Gook-yoo (Jeon No-min) was innocent and then she asked him to clear the false accusation. Lee Seong-gye accepted her proposal and said he would revert Gook In-yeop"s status to her previous rank. However, when he also said he would arrange a wedding between Gook In-yeop and Kim Eun-gi , she was perplexed.Later Gook In-yeop went to Kim Eun-gi and asked about it. Via ohupic

Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk gets their first subunit win for “Growing Pains” on Music Bank this week! Congratulations to the duo!WinFollowing their win, Donghae posted a special video to thanks fans on Instagram.슈퍼주니어 D&E 1위 감사드립니다! 각자소감 ^^A video posted by Super Junior , Haru Oneday (@leedonghae) on Mar 20, 2015 at 3:45am PDTDebut Stages: CLC, Minah (solo)Comeback Stages: Red Velvet, NS Yoon-GSuper Junior D&E – “Growing Pains”CLC – “Pepe” (Debut Stage)Minah – “I’m a Woman Too” (Solo Debut Stage)Red Velvet – “Automatic” + “Ice Cream Cake” (Comeback Stage)Boyfriend – “Bounce”Gain – “Paradise Lost”NS Yoon-G – “Wifey” (Comeback Stage)Lovelyz – “Hi~”Niel – “Lovekiller”MYNAME – “Too Very So Much”Related Via ohupic

Added first stills and updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "Angry Lawyer" (2014)Directed by Heo Jong-hoWith Lee Seon-gyoon, Kim Go-eun-I, Jang Hyeon-seong, Im Won-hee, Hong Seong-deok, Lee Dong-jin,... MoreSynopsisA court drama about a veteran lawyer who defends the defendant.Release date in Korea : 2015 Via ohupic

The sexy concept has been a trend among girl groups for a while now, but the K-Pop community remains fairly split between what"s "sexy" and what"s not. Are leg spreads sexy? How much skin is too much? How much can an artist push a sexy concept until it"s considered going a bit too overboard? Deciding whether something is "sexy" or not is a subjective task, but there usually is a majority consensus on these things. Here at allkpop, we asked three different staff members--two girls (Pakman, mssylee) and one guy (Shin Se Gi*)--to rate the recent girl group and female soloist comebacks in terms of sexiness only and explain what they found was sexy, what wasn"t, and what was just too much. Via ohupic

Added episode 1 captures for the Korean drama "Angry Mom" (2015)Directed by Choi Byeong-gilWritten by Park Jeong-soo-INetwork : MBCWith Kim Hee-seon, Ji Hyeon-woo, Kim Yoo-jeong, Lim Hyeong-joon, Go Soo-hee, Kim Ji-yeong,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA drama about a mother who goes to school for her children who suffer from school violence.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/03/18More