[Spoiler] “Blue Bird Nest” Lee Sang-yeob is different

[Spoiler] “Blue Bird Nest” Lee Sang-yeob is different

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On the tenth episode of “Blue Bird Nest“, Lee Sang-yeob began to change after a mistake.
Jang Hyeon-do (Lee Sang-yeob) started to enjoy his work and recover from his mistakes.
He”d realized what he”d done and that his friend Kim Ji-wan (Lee Joon-hyeok) had taken the blame for him. He confessed in front his team that it was his mistake and publicly apologized to Ji-wan. He then racked his brains for a way to make up for the mistake.
Other people started to gossip about Jang Hyeon-do, the son of the director of the company and complimented Kim Ji-wan”s responsibility when once they had questioned his origin. They said, “Being the son of the boss is great indeed. Even team managers can”t avoid suspension for something like this. He”s definitely here to put the blame on Kim Ji-wan”.
Jang Hyeon-do said to them, “Why weren”t you born into a family like mine then? I am not here to put the blame on Ji-wan. I am here to put good people to work. If you have time to gossip like this then go look for some precedents”. Afterwards, he had a realization and went through his father”s records in his study.
The result ended in Jang Hyeon-do coming up with an idea of a sale event run in the way of the lottery and delivered it to his superior. Their collaboration increased sales and Jang Tae-soo told Kim Ji-wan and Jang Hyeon-do they did a good job. The others had to admit they did well, too.
However, the greatest change was in Jang Hyeon-do. He stopped being late and actually started to work. The others said, “I think he”s here to bother us” but Kim Ji-wan said, “I think he has fun working now”.
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According to the Korean media outlet Dispatch, Lee Min Ho and miss A"s Suzy Bae are dating. The two have been photographed enjoying vacation time together in London.The celebrities were spotted at Incheon airport on March 10 and although they were headed for different destinations they both wound up on London a few days later. She was first headed to Paris for a Dior fashion photo shoot. He was headed to London for an All Saints shoot. Suzy Bae left the Waldorf Hotel, where she was staying on March 15. Via ohupic

Actor Ryoo Soo-yeong and actress Park Ha-seon are seeing each other.According to Will Entertainment, the two of them have been seeing each other since 5 months ago.Woman Sense published that the two of them have become a thing a year after starring in MBC drama "Two Weeks" together.The media claimed Ryoo Soo-yeong has been wanting to reveal this big news since the beginning but Park Ha-seon was careful about it. It"s a known fact that they have been close before this.Source : www. Via ohupic

It seems like singer and actor Rain is working with Ha Ji-won.He"s considering the offer for the SBS drama "The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days". It"s likely he"ll go for it.Rain starred in the SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" last year and was mentioned a couple of times apparently to be starring in a couple of movies and dramas since then. However, they all fell through."The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days" is led by actress Ha Ji-won. She"s worked with almost every hot male star there is out there including Lee Seo-jin, Hyeon Bin, Jang Geun-seok, So Ji-sub, Jo In-Seong, Ji Chang-wook and more. Via ohupic

--> A drama has given birth to another couple. Not only that, they have also appeared on MBC’s Real Man.It has been confirmed that Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun have been dating for six months.Both of their agencies told enews on March 24, “They naturally became a couple after meeting each other through a drama.”An affiliate of Ryu Soo Young said, “They have been close sunbae and hubae, or oppa and dongseng, and began dating about five, six months ago,” giving further details on when they started dating. Via ohupic

This week’s episodes of “Hyde Jekyll, Me” were perhaps the sweetest yet, and we get some emotional breakthroughs for our lovers. Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) finds herself at a standstill, unable to act without hurting either Seo Jin or Robin (Hyun Bin), but her lack of action likewise hurts them. It’s a tricky situation, especially with Ha Na refusing to acknowledge her burgeoning affection for Seo Jin, but when they’re all finally honest with each other, we find our lovers in, perhaps, the best of all possibilities.