'Six Flying Dragons' Begins With A 70-Minute Special

<div>&#039;Six Flying Dragons&#039; Begins With A 70-Minute Special</div>

onto Six Flying Dragons

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"Six Flying Dragons" starts on October five with a unique 70-minute episode. The special program will explore the historic background of the real-life characters and be offering audience a glance at how the drama used to be made. That"s unusual. Most often systems at the making of a drama air after the drama ends and it has earned a hit ratings.
In the special program, popular history lecturer Seol Min Suk will be offering some insight into the tale in the back of the 50-episode SBS drama.
The drama stars Chun Ho Jin, Jeong Do Jeon, Kim Myung Min, Yoo Ah In, Byun Yo Han, Sin Se Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang.
Chun Ho Jin plays King Taejo. The king"s father used to be a minor Mongol reputable yet his ethnicity used to be Korean. Taejo used to be an ambitious man. He joined the Goreyo military and have become ever more powerful, in the end seizing the throne in 1392.
Yoo Ah In plays Prince Lee Bang Won. He used to be the 5th son of King Taejo and served as an reputable of the Goryeo Dynasty in 1382. In 1392 he helped his father determine a new dynasty via assassinating robust officials who were dependable to the Goryeo Dynasty. 
For his efforts the prince expected that his father would designate him the following king. He used to be wrong. Instead, his father and top Minister Jeong Do Jeon sought after Taejo"s 8th son, Lee Bang Won"s part brother Lee Bang Suk, to be crown prince.
Kim Myung Min plays Jeong Do Jeon in this drama. The prime minister did now now not prefer the prince for the reason that prince sought after absolute energy for the throne. Jeong Do Jeon concept it will be easiest if the ministers had more say in the government.
The prince retaliated via killing Jeong Do Jeon and his part brother, the crown prince. Horrified via the violence this caused, King Taejo abdicated, naming yet any other of Lee Bang Won"s brother as king. But Taejong refused to give up the royal seal.
And that"s just the start of the story. King Taejong persisted to overwhelm opposition during his reign and governed in the back of the scenes even after he abdicated.
Shin Se Kyung will play Boon Yi, the girl that Prince Lee Bang Won loves. It's going to be a reunion for Shin and Yoo as they prior to now worked togethjer in the 2012 drama "Fashion King."
"Six Flying Dragons" is a prequel to the drama "Tree With Deep Roots," which tells the tale of Taejong"s son King Sejong.
Shin Se Kyung also gave the impression in "Tree With Deep Roots."