SISTAR's Tranformation Into 'Sailor STAR' For '11st'

<div>SISTAR's Tranformation Into 'Sailor STAR' For '11st'</div>


SISTAR transformed into 'Sailor STAR', whic is the sexy version of Sailor Scouts' as they were chosen as the models for '11st'!
Bora and Dasom showed their girl power on their CF while other members also nailed it, fans also agree that it would be a good concept for their comeback.
Bora says, "Although it was hard to adjust to the wire action for the first time, good results came out of it, so it was very worthwhile to do... The easy-to-follow-along song and choreography especially leave an impression."Like Us on Facebook
'11st' is said to be holding an event from January 8-31, it is a treat for fans to upload their very own UCC covers of SISTAR's 'kka kka' dance.
Check out SISTAR's girl power concept!
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