SISTAR Hyorin Drops 'Let It Go' MV for the Korean Release of Disney's 'Frozen'

<div>SISTAR Hyorin Drops 'Let It Go' MV for the Korean Release of Disney's 'Frozen'</div>

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Disney's latest animated masterpiece Frozen is scheduled to be released in South Korea on January 16 and the ending credits will have a little taste of K-Pop.
SISTAR member Hyorin (also known as Hyolyn) has lent her vocal talents to the movie's ending credits with the Korean version of the song "Let It Go."Like Us on Facebook
The original song appears in the film sung by Queen Elsa (performed by actress Idina Manzel) at a pivotal point for the character's storyline. Disney released a single cover version of the tune by pop star Demi Lovato for the official movie soundtrack in late October.
As Frozen continues its box office domination across the globe, "Let It Go" has been translated and performed in a dozen different languages by some of the world's leading vocalists.
Hyorin is the latest star to add her name to the ranks and on January 1 the official music video for "Let It Go" was released online.
Hyorin's Korean version of the single is, not surprisingly, expertly sung with the young pop star providing emotional vocals to the track's compelling melody.
Unlike the other translations, Hyorin's version maintains the lyrics "let it go" in their original English and also leaves the song's title unchanged.
In a statement about the soundtrack project, Hyorin expressed her excitement over representing Korea for the Frozen's international release. She added, "I am especially honored that I get the chance to participate in a Disney production as the second Korean representative after Park Jung Hyun, who sang "Reflection" for Mulan."
The music video features clips from the movie and scenes of Hyorin singing her heart out in the cold, dark atrium and can be watched below.
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