SISTAR’s Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Allure

SISTAR’s Hyorin Poses with Her Adorable Cats for Allure

onto Hyorin

SISTAR’s Hyorin poses with two of her four cats, Rino and Simba, in a cozy new pictorial for beauty and lifestyle magazine Allure.
Hyorin’s love for her cats and animals in general is no secret. In fact, not so long ago the singer was criticized by an MBC reporter for loving her cats too much.
In the corresponding interview for the pictorial, Hyorin says, “Ever since I was little, I raised a dog. But while working, whenever I wanted a pet, cats naturally came to mind.”
She shares that she prepared a lot in order to take her of cats well, including volunteering at an animal shelter and reading lots of books about cats.

To the question of when she’s happiest with her cats, Hyorin responds, “When we fall asleep.”
She explains, “After getting cats, I don’t feel alone when I’m home. I love it the most when we gather on the bed and go to sleep. When I lay down to sleep, Leo is the first one to get on the bed, and each of them grab their own spot. When I stretch out my hand, I need to touch [one of my] cats to fall asleep.”
Hyorin continues, “I adopted all four of my cats. I wish people would adopt animals instead of paying money for them. If I decide to get more cats, I think I will choose to adopt them.”

For more of Hyorin and her adorable cats Rino and Simba, check out Allure’s April issue.