SISTAR’s Bora Joins Boyfriend and Dances to “Bounce”

SISTAR’s Bora Joins Boyfriend and Dances to “Bounce”


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Starship Entertainment released a dance practice video of SISTAR’s Bora joining Boyfriend for the boy group’s latest song “Bounce.”
The SISTAR member blends in seamlessly with the boys and exudes charisma as she nails all of the dance moves. Her dancing reflects her ability to flawlessly execute boy group moves proving her amazing dancing skills.
Meanwhile, Boyfriend will be attending China’s YinYue V-Chart Awards red carpet and ceremony on April 11. They are preparing a special performance for fans. Before that, the group will have a solo concert titled “2015 Boyfriend, The First Chapter in Taiwan ‘Bewitch’” in Taiwan’s TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) on April 5.
Since they are receiving a lot of love and attention for their new song “Bounce,” they are busy with preparations for an international tour.
Check out Bora and Boyfriend in the video below!

Via ohupic

Making us all long to see what happens next, Davichi unveiled its music video for Two Lovers.On March 18, Davichi made a quick comeback with Two Lovers, featuring MadClown. The song is about a person who is confused after falling in love with two different people. In the music video, Kang Min Kyung and Lee Haeri carry out adorable dates with their handsome boyfriends, until it is later revealed that they′re dating the same man (Do Sang Woo). Check out the music video below! Photo Credit: CJ E&M Via ohupic

Actor Kim Seong-gyoon can be a bone-chilling bad guy at one point and weaken the hearts of women with his warmth the next.We met Kim Seong-gyoon at a café recently and he said, "I thought being rough and tough was the only way I could survive. I have been selfless not caring about the money and just continuously doing small roles. I was happy". He was happy doing what he wanted to do but now he"s going a different way.Kim Seong-gyoon"s roles in the movie "Nameless Gangster" and the drama "Answer Me 1994" were completely different. Via ohupic

On every Monday - Tuesday nights, audiences across Korea are glued to their television sets as "Unkind Women" began to win the hearts of all. In addition to being a warmhearted family drama that stars female actresses with strong acting chops and romantic sparks with a certain eye candy, I have also uncovered 5 surprising connections about Unkind Women that may pique your interest. How about: Ji Chang Wook, Lee Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Kim So Eun, and even Lee Sang Yoon!Before we start, here is a brief intro to the Unkind Women household: There is the grandmother, her two daughters, and her granddaughter. Via ohupic

f(x)’s Amber sent a video message to the hot army trainer, whom she has a crush on. The March 19 broadcast of JTBC’s Everybody will feature Amber, whose popularity has been increasing since she appeared on the army variety show.Amber began talking about her experience of being in the army when the MCs asked her about the ‘most tiring moments’ in her life.Then MC Kim Jong Kook brought up Amber’s crush in the army. Amber shyly asked back, “Am I not allowed to like him?” causing a stir in the studio and sent a video message to the trainer. Via ohupic

Via: DramafeverWendilynn: Damn straight. lolTaleena: I really felt like this whole episode was set up for the second half of the show being a crazy game of “Gotcha!” Yes, we get a few revelations, but this episode involved moving pieces onto either Dr. E or Ji Sang’s side of the equation.Firnlambe: I’m so glad this show’s writers didn’t decide to just give up once they reached the halfway mark.Wendilynn: Oh, no, they sure didn’t. The grease hits the fire now that Ji Sang has found the picture of his parents with Dr.