Shinhwa Wins M!Countdown for a Second Week With “Sniper” + Red Velvet Comeback, CLC Debut

Shinhwa Wins M!Countdown for a Second Week With “Sniper” + Red Velvet Comeback, CLC Debut


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After making an all-kill on the music shows last week, Shinhwa‘s continues to do well on music charts and takes #1 on M!Countdown this week.While they didn’t perform on the show, Shinhwa had twice the score of the runner up Gain and her latest track “Paradise Lost.”WinNew MCs, Key (SHINee) and Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE), hosted their first episode today and both performed special stages. Key bought SHINee along for his stage as they performed “Love Like Oxygen” while Lee Jung Shin showcased a solo stage of Kim Jo Han’s “I Want to Fall in Love. Via ohupic

On the March 19th episode of KBS 2TV"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Unkind Women" Lee Roo-oh (Song Jae-rim) asked Jeong Ma-ri (Lee Ha-na) to tie his tie in the middle of alley.Lee Roo-oh asked Jeong Ma-ri, "Do you know how to tie a tie by any chance". Jeong Ma-ri started tying his tie and Lee Roo-oh bent his knees to lower his height.When it was taking longer for Song Jae-rim to finish tying, Lee Roo-oh lifter her up and let her sit on a table. And then he started looking at her warmly. Via ohupic

On the 18th episode of SBS Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Hyde, Jekyll and I", Goo Seo-jin (Hyeon Bin) started pretending he was Robin.Goo Seo-jin cooked seaweed soup for Ha-na on her birthday. Ha-na was getting sad because Robin all of sudden started avoiding her and she could not be with him even on her birthday.When it became evening and it"s about time Robin should have appeared, however Robin did not wake up. As this happened, Goo Seo-jin was baffled and said, "Robin disappeared by any chance?"Goo Seo-jin started acting as if he was Robin and Ha-na did not notice anything suspicious. Via ohupic

Check out these new shots of Yeo Jin Goo in the upcoming KBS drama “Orange Marmalade!”These two images follow our first glimpse at the show yesterday when two stills of AOA’s Seolhyun‘s character were released.Yeo Jin Goo plays Jung Jae Min, a student who is perfect in every way – from his appearance to his intelligence to his athletic ability. When he meets Seolhyun’s character, the vampire girl Baek Ma Ri, he falls in love for the first time.The first day that Yeo Jin Goo was filming happened to be White Day. Via ohupic

On the second episode of MBC"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Angry Mom", Jo Kang-ja (Kim Hee-seon) got to read her daughter Oh Ah-ran (Kim Yoo-jeong)"s journal and found out why her daughter had been hating her.Jo Kang-ja was shocked to learn her daughter Oh Ah-ran had been being bullied violently at her school, Myeong-seong high school. Oh Ah-ran ended up being hospitalized for mental instability due to the violent bulling.Later, Jo Kang-ja stumbled upon daughter Oh Ah-ran"s journal and got to read it.