Shine or Go Crazy Episode 19 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 19 Recap

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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 19 Recap
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Shine or Go Crazy Episode 19 Recap. The plan to expose Sik Ryeom fails. Instead Sik Ryeom turns the tables on Wang So. The illegal marriage to Shin Yool is exposed. They end up arrested and put in prison. The prison conditions are too harsh for Shin Yool.

At the assembly Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) steps towards Wang So (Jang Hyuk).SR: Did you just imply the First King’s death is suspicious? The first King died a natural death. What secret are you talking about?WS: Just wait, the King will reveal that secret soon.Hmm, if I’m Sik Ryeom I might start to worry now, if the King knows already…King: Not long ago, a thief broke into your house. Among the stolen item is evidence that holds secrets behind the First King’s death. I’ll show you the evidence.
Ah, now I see why the fire is there. The King steps from the throne towards the fire. He is about to pull out the bronze mirror pieces when Sik Ryeom interrupts…SR: Everyone, do you know the black assassins? They are not thieves. They are the First King’s secret warriors. They assassinated the noblemen that threatened the First King. They disappears after the First King’s death. They reappeared 5 years later. They murdered Jong Sik and Gyu Ui. They broke into my house. Your majesty, do you have evidence they stole? Do the black assassins work for you? You killed Jong Sik? You are trying to bring me down now? Did you fabricate evidence too?King: Fabricate evidence? How dare you accuse me of that.WS: Don’t be ridiculous.SR: I see now. To the First King, the current King, and Wang So we noblemen are the enemy! We worked hard to build this nation. Now we are to be eaten after our work is done? I don’t need to be treated like a hero. But we should be treated with respect. (turning to the King). If you take me down today, who is next? Why don’t you kill all of us right now?Excellent counter move by Sik Ryeom going on the offensive.
A nobleman asks the King if Sik Ryeom is right. Are the black assassins under the King’s control? Is he killing noblemen under his reign? Other noblemen (loyal to Sik Ryeom) demand the King answer. Then they all chorus together.WS: Your majesty! You cannot be swayed by his tricks!King: Don’t worry, I’ll do what I must today.SR: Your majesty, do you remember the night before another King died? I can help you remember. Sik Ryeom flashes an envelope from his shirt. Flashback to when then Prince Jeongjong asked Sik Ryeom if he would support him if he pursued the throne. Sik Ryeom assured his support and pointed out the throne must be emptied. From the envelope a document is drawn, no doubt committing their agreement to paper. Sik Ryeom tells him to sign or he’ll find another prince. He signs. Deal with devil, deal with the devil. With a slight of hand Sik Ryeom burns the paper (but it is NOT the paper Prince Jeongjong just signed). Sik Ryeom says he is demonstrating his trust.
Must respect Sik Ryeom’s smart moves and overall strategy…
The King wobbles. Wang So escorts him to the throne. The King looks flustered and uncertain. Wang So tells him he will make the reveal. The King agrees. What else can Wang So do? He is stuck and must play this out.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) paces in her room. The antidote is temporary, she thinks. As long as there is no shock or pressure, everything should be fine. Endure your majesty.
Rats! The very thing that will mess this up, has happened!

Now Wang So commands the assembly’s attention…WS: 5 years ago, 5 noblemen, conspired to kill the First King. (He utters the pact engraved on the bronze mirror), “Kill the King and rule the nation.” They made the pact on the bronze mirror. They engraved their names on the mirror. They divided the mirror among themselves. The 5 noblemen are Jong Sik, Mok Won, Choong Hyun, Gu Ui, (insert dramatic pause) and the last person is Sik Ryeom.SR: Do you believe what he is saying?WS: Those 5 traitors sent assassins to kill the First King and I was there. I saw the First King get stabbed with a dagger that was poisoned! These men have controlled the nation to their liking ever since. How long will you let these traitors control? My father dreamed of a strong country. That dream will be returned to all here AFTER the traitors are gone. (he turns to the King who is looking befuddled) Your majesty, give me the evidence. 
Oh no, the King does not hand over the bronze pieces. Gently Wang So steps toward the King and asks for the evidence. The co conspirators state the evidence could be false. They press the King to answer if the black assassins work for the King. Did they kill noblemen under his orders? Wang So gently asks the King for the evidence.

With glee, Poong (Sik Ryeom’s son), leads Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) into the palace. Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) watches the procession.
Back inside the assembly Sik Ryeom presses the turn in momentum (the music screams danger ahead for Wang So)…SR: The person that should be punished for going against a royal order is Wang So not me. Before Wang So married Yeo Won, he disobeyed the royal marriage law and married a woman in Gaebong. General Gwak witnessed this marriage. General Gwak, was the groom Wang So?GG: YesSR: Bring in the woman!
Shin Yool is brought into the assembly by Poong. Wang So falters coming down the steps. Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) stares at her. Wang So’s world has tilted into the nightmare realm.SR: Is this the woman that married Wang So?GG: YesYW’s Dad: Why wasn’t this mentioned before he married Yeo Won?SR: Exactly. Wang So was already married.
Calls from the gallery ring out. Sik Ryeom asks the King to disprove this. Wang So seems frozen, the look of horror etched on his face. Sik Ryeom demands the King order Wang So arrested. The King’s inability to function does not stop Sik Ryeom. He orders Wang So and Shin Yool arrested.
Wang So yells to the assembly, how can you be controlled by his wickedness? Sik Ryeom repeats his order. The guards draw their swords on Wang So. Sik Ryeom declares the investigation will be run by himself, Mok Won, Choong Hyun (the last 3 living co conspirators of the First King’s death, oh, the irony of that).
Cue opening credits…
Let me say that was a heck of an introductory segment. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I felt so bad for Wang So that Sik Ryeom managed to shock the King who lost his cognitive abilities and it unraveled from there.
Gang Myeong reports the bad news that Shin Yool and Wang So are in prison to the trading company family of Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young), Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik), and Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min). Gyu Dal declares the marriage was fake. They must testify it was a fake marriage. Gang Myeong says it will not be that easy. Fake or not, Wang So married without the King’s approval.
Wang Wook asks why General Gwak did not honor his promise. General Gwak counters he honored the promise that brought the greater reward. Sik Ryeom is powerful now, Wang Wook might be powerful later. The man with the power today won. Wang Wook vows General Gwak will regret his choice.
The King has lost it. Sik Ryeom orders Ji Mong out of the room. No, no, no. Sik Ryeom asks for the bronze mirror pieces. He offers to trade for the envelope with the document. The King doesn’t give him the bronze pieces. I can’t believe it!
The dowager Queen is floored by the news Wang So married Shin Yool. Ji Mong states they must save both of them. He shares the Shin Yool was also born under Polaris and could be the woman of destiny for Wang So.
The dowager Queen goes to see the King who throws a blanket over his head to avoid the discussion. She begs him to save Wang So. The King declares he wants to be alone.
Wang Wook asks Sik Ryeom why he kept him in the dark about his plans. Sik Ryeom says Wang Wook would have stopped him nor does he need to know everything. He claims a dead Wang So helps them both. The throne will be his. What about Shin Yool? Sik Ryeom states to get the throne he must give up Shin Yool, it’s just that simple.
Yeo Won’s father is is upset at the news. Yeo Won closes her eyes knowing everything she and Wang So worked for is gone.
Wang Wook comes to see the trading company family. He asks for Shin Yool’s medicine. Gyu Dal tells him it was a fake marriage. Wang Wook states the palace investigation can not allow for their input unless the King is the investigator.
I know you are wondering what I’m wondering, when will Wang Wook use the antidote to restore the King and save Shin Yool?
Prison has perks if you count gazing into each other’s eyes…
Wang So and Shin Yool gaze into each other’s eyes. She apologizes for marrying him then finding him when he told her to forget him. He apologizes for not recognizing her earlier in their reacquaintance. He apologizes for thinking she was a man. He apologizes for not being able to protect her and putting her in prison. He notes he couldn’t protect her or his brother today. He states he had not power and it breaks his heart. He states he leave no matter what, and they will leave together. He vows to stop the traitors. He tells her they must make the investigators believe their marriage was fake. But to do that, they must not have a relationship.
Hmm, everyone knows they have a relationship. How can they convince Sik Ryeom they do not have a relationship. That strategy seems doomed. May I say that Shin Yool looked particularly lovely in that scene.
The dowager Queen and Uncle goes the prison to see Wang So. Uncle is barred. The dowager Queen enters alone.
Wang So leaves to meet with his mother. Shin Yool starts to feel cold.
The dowager Queen tells Wang So that she knows what he attempted to do at the assembly. She declares no other prince could have done that. She is proud of him. Ah, so sweet, Wang So lived to hear those words from his mother. She notes he is surrounded by enemies. Wang So says he will not give up. He asks her to get Uncle make an appeal to the noblemen that support the King. He will supply the words of the appeal. As she exits the prison, the Queen tells Uncle he must gather the noblemen that support the King.
Let me say I love the support she offered Wang So. I love that she did not sugar coat the truth. I love that she was willing to help him however she could. I love that he trusted her and asked for her help. Most important, I am digging the long flowing hair on Wang So!
Gyu Dal mourns his mistake 5 years ago, that forced Shin Yool to fake a marriage to avoid General Gwak. Baek Myo misses Shin Yool and cries in her room. Gang Myeong comforts her. She marvels how far they’ve come from the day they saved Shin Yool from the cold river. Gang Myeong remembers how smart Shin Yool was. Baek Myo cries they should have left the moment they learned Wang So was a prince.
The black assassins break into the prison to break Wang So and Shin Yool out. Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) tells Wang So they will free him. Wang So rebukes him. If they break him out, then it is obvious he is the head of the black assassins. The King will be guilty by association. Eun Chun protests that getting beheaded is not a better idea. Wang So states he’s got a plan. He tells Eun Chun to trust him. The black assassins leave.
We see Eun Chun talking to Ji Mong but don’t hear the conversation.
Wang Wook visits Shin Yool in prison. He offers her the medicine from Bae Myo. She muses that she hasn’t made her family worry like this in a long time. She asks if she can see Yeo Won. Wang Wook is surprised. Shin Yool says she was going to ask Yeo Won for ginseng to trade with. Wang Wook cannot believe she is worried about company matters now, while she is in prison. He tells her she won’t leave alive. She smiles and states before she dies, she must save the company and her family. He agrees he will tell his sister. Shin Yool then tells him Wang So wants to see him.
Interesting Shin Yool made her request to see Yeo Won before stating Wang So’s request to see Wang Wook. She’s smart.
Wang Wook chides Wang So for letting Shin Yool escape to safety once he recognized her as his bride from Gaebong. Her life is the important thing. Wang So says, let’s save her. Isn’t that why you are here? Wang Wook asks if Wang So will declare the marriage a fake. Wang So is surprised he knew. He agrees that is his plan. But it will only work if the King is the investigator not Sik Ryeom. Heavy sigh from Wang Wook as he states, so you want the antidote? Do you think that would be sufficient? General Gwak will be a eye witness for Sik Ryeom to counter his claims. Wang So says he can counter General Gwak.
Wang So kneels before Wang Wook surprising him. He asks for his help. Wang Wook tells him that Shin Yool is ill. She cannot live in cold environments. She could die at anytime. He tells him to look after her always. Wang So is shocked by this news.
Wang So observes Shin Yool suffering from the cold. He is amazed that when he enters his cell her only concern is for his well being. He chides her that he is fine. He tells her that she is like a goddess from heaven. Tears fill his eyes. He tells her a cute story about Gil Bok and goddesses. She smiles. He asks if they should flee to the mountain and live together there. She says no. She has things to do and he has things to do. After that, then they go live in the mountain. They both smile, tears in their eyes, at their plan for future happiness.
This couple is beautiful to watch. They take infinite care with each other. Yet they bolster each other. She does not live for him. He does not live for her. They help each other. Dare I say it, there is equality between them. Swoon!
Yeo Won enters the fray…
Sik Ryeom hears Yeo Won’s concern that she will be tainted as the second wife to Wang So. Sik Ryeom asks if she wants Wang So saved. She states she would not ask without offering something in return. He scoffs he does not need her tricks. The antidote did not work. Ah, he does not know it was only a temporary antidote. Chin up, soon her enemy Shin Yool will die. Too bad, but Wang So will die too. Bonus, Wang Wook will become King and Sik Ryeom will remain loyal to her family.
Wang Wook reports how Shin Yool is doing in prison.
Sik Ryeom tells Wang Wook and Poong their investigation will be formal but quick. He tells Wang Wook once Wang So is dead, he is the next King. Wang Wook asks Poong to leave the room. Sik Ryeom asks Poong to leave the room. Wang Wook asks what if General Gwak is lying? Sik Ryeom counters “making something untrue become true” is his specialty and a perk of power. Just trust me, Sik Ryeom urges Wang Wook. He will eliminate Wang So.
Baek Myo heats Shin Yool’s empty room.
Shin Yool shivers in prison. Wang So tries to take her mind off her condition. She falls over. He yells for her. She tells him she is cold. The medicine must not work anymore. She falls asleep. Wang So frantically calls for the guards, a doctor, for them to open the door. He continues to rail at the guards but they do nothing.
Shin Yool wakes and tells him he is too loud. He rushes to her. She quips since she can hear him, she is not dead. She describe a dream with him in it. She wants to return to that time. They are both crying. Wang So tells her they will go back together. He takes her back in time (we see flashbacks). Yes! I hear a new song! “If you come to me”. She remembers with him then falls unconsciousness. I’ve got tears in my eyes. He calls to her but she does not stir. He calls over and over “Gaebong”, but to no avail.
Comments:* This episode had two distinct sections.Section 1 – The assembly. This turned out to be a nightmare for Wang So as all his carefully laid plans crumbled when the King got rattled by Sik Ryeom.Section 2 – The fallout. Our characters re-position themselves on the story chess board.** Wang Wook tries to assert himself with General Gwak and fails. He can’t get any traction with Sik Ryeom either. He does succeed in advancing his relationship with Wang So by sharing Shin Yool’s illness and discussing the antidote and tacitly admitting he had it.** Yeo Won entered the game after patiently waiting to see if the assembly was successful. I found it interesting that Sik Ryeom did not appear to suspect her of providing the antidote. You would think he would believe Yeo Won would have it. He believes the antidote failed. Maybe he does suspect Yeo Won but it does not matter to him because the antidote did not restore the King. I look forward to the moment when Sik Ryeom is surprised when/if the King receives the permanent antidote.** Shin Yool’s family was stuck. They knew the marriage was fake but could not testify as Sik Ryeom had stacked the deck with the investigation team.* Though I dislike him I also respect the masterful way Sik Ryeom controlled and commanded the assembly. Having the evidence with him (or the threat of the evidence) so he could control the King, smart. The way he was able to slough off Wang So’s accusation he plotted to kill the First King by turning the focus on Wang So’s crime of marrying without royal approval, impressive. Still Sik Ryeom is not invincible. His ego is a stumbling block. His belief that his threats will keep his enemies in line will bite him. I look forward to the day when Sik Ryeom pays by losing his power, position, and his life.* No Se Won this episode.* I was surprised when the King did not had over the bronze mirror pieces. Ji Mong should relieve the King of those ASAP.* Jang Hyuk as Wang So watched his house of cards get knocked down when the King crumbled. Wang So’s tenderness continues to score big with me. His interactions with his mother were lovely. She reached out to him and he reached back to her. His interactions with Shin Yool were touching this episode. He showers her with gentle love. They are wonderful to watch. I did chuckle when Wang So basically told Eun Chun to put his thinking cap on and consider how rescuing him would hurt the King.* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool was subdued this episode. She did not have the opportunity to use her head to extract herself and Wang So from the situation they find themselves in. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shin Yool looks lovelier than this episode. Her exchanges with Wang So had a soft, sweet touch. I adore their equality. It is refreshing and a precious commodity in dramas.* The next song of the OST was released March 24, “If you come to me” by Lee Ga Eun. This beautiful broody song is all about Yeo Won. Listen via the link or the embedded official music video below:
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