Seo In Guk Keeps His Promise to Director of the tvN Variety Show 'Taxi'

onto Seo In Guk

Actor Seo In Guk appeared as a guest on the tvN variety show "Taxi".
It has been reported that Seo In Guk will be appearing on the episode of the tvN variety show "Taxi" that is scheduled to air on October 28.
It is Seo In Guk's second time appearing on this show since he rose to stardom after his role in the hit drama "Answer Me 1997". At the time, Seo In Guk appeared on the show with his co-star Jung Eun Ji.Like Us on Facebook :
One year later, Seo In Guk agreed to make an appearance on the show. It turns out Seo In Guk and the director of "Taxi" have had a special connection. Director Park Sung Jae, who is currently in charge of "Taxi" is known to have worked with Director Shin Won Ho, who directed "Answer Me 1997". Also, in the storyline of "Answer Me 1997", the character Bang Sun Jae's was reported to have been based on director Park Sung Jae's actual story.
The production crew of "Taxi" stated that Seo In Guk has matured significantly in the past year and spoke with ease throughout the show.