Sandara Park and Thunder attend the KYE fashion show

Sandara Park and Thunder attend the KYE fashion show

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Source: OSEN via Naver 1. [+2249, -22] What's Thunder doing these days? What's happened to MBLAQ? Sandara Park's still as pretty as ever... Thunder seems to look more handsome than before 2. [+1509, -18] What's Thunder doing now 3. [+1486, -35] Very handsome and very beautiful ㅋㅋㅋ 4. [+1324, -36] Is Thunder aging for Sandara? She doesn't look any older at all 5. [+1238, -31] Thunder's looking much better after leaving his group... he has an actor's visual! 6. [+531, -2] Was Thunder always this good looking... He always seemed to be over shined by Dara when they were together but not today... 7. [+384, -3] They should have styled Dara's hair like that from the start... 8. [+297, -4] Thunder grew up well~ 9. [+256, -3] Thunder's image completely changed. He used to be a cutie but now he has a manly aura ㅎㅎ 10. [+272, -20] I think Dara would be a lot prettier if she didn't make that facial expression 11. [+260, -66] Their visuals are explosive but as singers they don't have much skill or talent.. 12. [+176, -6] The two have such superior genes... I'm jealous ㅋ 13. [+135, -4] They're both good looking and have faces fit as actors -