Review: Rain Gets In Touch With His Raunchy Side On '30 Sexy' From His New Album 'Rain Effect' [VIDEO]

<div>Review: Rain Gets In Touch With His Raunchy Side On '30 Sexy' From His New Album 'Rain Effect' [VIDEO]</div>

onto Rain

After two years spent serving in the South Korean army, Rain is back in a major way, jumpstarting both his acting and music career since reentering civilian life back in July.
The "Ninja Assassin" star is currently in Alabama filming "The Prince" with Bruce Willis and rapper 50 Cent.
And Rain's sixth album, "Rain Effect," an upbeat collection of electronic dance music and R&B was released on Thursday.
But of all the danceable grooves that the 31-year-old performer experiments with on his new album, the funkiest offering has to be the album's first full-length track "30 Sexy," a grinding dance track, reminiscent of early Gold Frapp, 1990s Prince and Britney Spear's most rapturous moments.
Psy's epic electro builds are in full effect on "30 Sexy" as well.
But perhaps the best thing about "30 Sexy" is how dark it is. More than any other track on the album, the production and his performance has a mysterious air that tends to make for the best R&B-call it the creepy side of funk.
Any dance artist from Sly Stone to Beyonce is best when they are a little bit off the map, a bit serious, a bit mysterious.
There is an innovative blend of influences in the writing and production of "30 Sexy" that makes it stand out as more than just another K-pop track aping Western R&B. Eastern and Western influences are both at play here in interesting ways.
The dance floor truly is the last true melting pot of expression. In his triumphant musical comeback, Rain has sent out a warning shot that he's back, he's fired up and he's ready to party.
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