Red Velvet is a female version of SHINee?

Red Velvet is a female version of SHINee?

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March 20, 2015


Pann: Reasons why Red Velvet is a female version of SHINee

1. Perfect live with a good average visual

2. Hard choreography

3. Irene and Minho, top visuals

4. Jonghyun and Wendy, strong vocalists

5. Onew and Seulgi, good voices

6. Joy and Key, the cuties

7. Yeri and Taemin, maknaes with good performances

8. Highest album quality in SM

9. Best vocal harmony in SM


1. [+128, -34] Not really. They can't really sing except Wendy and Seulgi. And what top visual?

2. [+113, -16] Perfect live? Irene and Yeri are unstable

3. [+102, -161] SHINee's average visual is considered good?????

4. [+54, -3] Isn't f(x) a female version of SHINee? They had this image since before

5. [+39, -9] Do you think Irene and Yeri can sing? Look at the double standards of Velvet-roaches ㅋㅋ Stop saying that they're good enough. Wendy and Seulgi sing the whole song and Joy follows after them. But Yeri and Irene's live is unstable. They were singing live while sitting down on Naver Cast but they both were still unstable

6. [+39, -8] Most girl groups choose SHINee as the handsomest

7. [+35, -2] Female SHINee is f(x)

 8. [+30, -9] You can't bash SHINee for their looks. You won't say that if you see them in real life. They're obviously handsome, aren't they?

9. [+27, -1] Isn't f(x) a female version of SHINee?

10. [+24, -19] How can this visual get divided opinions?

11. [+21, -1] F(x) is female SHINee. Honestly, I was really disappointed with Red Velvet when I watched their M Countdown stage. Their outfit was so old-fashioned and their live and performance were terrible comparing to their Happiness and Be Natural stages