Rain Created the Choreography for CLC′s Debut Title Song

Rain Created the Choreography for CLC′s Debut Title Song

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Cube′s new girl group, CLC, introduced its choreography.
On March 18, CLC held its debut showcase for first album, First Love, held at the AX-Hall in Kwangjin. There, the girls revealed that Rain choreographed their dance moves.

“The focal point of Pepe is the cuteness. The choreography for the chorus especially was created by Rain sunbaenim. The dance doesn′t come out in the music video. We′ll be showing it on stage, so look out for it.”
CLC is the first girl group from Cube Entertainment since 4minute six years ago. CLC represents crystal clear, hoping to become a bright and shining crystal in the music industry with no changes.
The first mini album will be released on March 19.
Photo Credit: Newsen/Jung Yoo Jin
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By: Couch-kimchiRi-Jin figures out her name was Do-Hyun at the same time Do-Hyun figures out her name was taken from the family registry and given to him, essentially wiping out her existence and any evidence of abuse along with it. They both collapse into tears.The scene from last week of Min Seo-Yeon with her daughter is repeated but this time we see Grandpa Cha arriving. This meeting this took place in the US in 1993. Seo-Yeon verifies the little girl was fathered by the man she loved. Via ohupic
By: DramabeansIt is 2005, near the end of the baseball season. Our main character HAN YEOL (Lee Dong-gun) is at his mother’s funeral, grieving with his father. He greets the guests dutifully, but when he receives a letter telling him goodbye, he goes running to search for the woman who wrote it.Yeol leaves the funeral after seeing a baseball game on television. His father yells after him, blaming him for running around after “that woman” and reminding him that he isn’t the only one grieving. Via ohupic

profile Name: 오지헌 / Oh Ji Heon Profession: Actor, comedian Birthdate: 1979-Apr-18 Height: 186cm Weight: 88kg Star sign: Aries Blood type: BTV Shows Aridong’s Last Cowboy (KBS2, 2010) Chuno (KBS2, 2010) Jejoongwon (SBS, 2010) Movies Champion Mabbak (2007) Baribari Zzang (2005) Via ohupic

By: Couch-kimchiJung Ma Ri has chemistry with both of her male leads, and probably during the first two weeks of the show, I would say it was a toss-up between the two as far as her romantic inclination was concerned. That might still be the case now, as Jung Ma Ri has been resistant to reciprocating any interest Lee Roo Oh and Lee Doo Jin have shown her. However, Lee Roo Oh has also been more aggressive in shaking her up, and things between him and Ma Ri intensify some more this week. Via ohupic

The poster for the newest season of tvN variety show “Grandpas Over Flowers” has been released!The poster was released on the show’s official Facebook page on March 18 along with a message to fans that read, “Here’s the official poster for ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ in Greece! We’re back, and we will see you all next Friday. We strongly suggest that you tune in. It’s gonna be super fun!”The poster features Baek Il Sup, Shin Gu, Lee Soon Jae, Park Geun Hyung along with Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin striking a variety of poses.