A Pink Delight 1,500 Fans At First Taiwanese Fan Meet

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The six members of A Pink impressed a large group of fans in Taiwan over the weekend with a special fan meet event on October 20.
Starting with their airport arrival on October 18, Taiwanese fans gave A Pink the star treatment.
Approximately 200 people gathered at the airport to greet the ladies as they arrived from Korea and several broadcast networks and other media outlets were also there to report the news.Like Us on Facebook :
The K-Pop girl group held their first ever fan meet in the country a couple days later on October 20. The event lasted 3 hours and the A Pink met with nearly 1,500 excited fans.
The special performance began with "I Don't Know," the group's debut single. The members then greeted the audience a showed off their Chinese language skills.
Over the course of the next couple hours the girls spent time performing a variety of their hit songs and talking sessions with the crowd.
The fans who participated also had planned several special events to show their love for the A Pink gals.
The group is continuing their travels abroad and will next meet with fans in Singapore on October 25.