Parents' looks and the child's looks

<div>Parents' looks and the child's looks</div>

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March 25, 2015


Pann: The reason why a guy has to marry a natural beauty

1. [+227, -13] No matter how pretty the woman is, it'd be useless if the guy is not good-looking. It wouldn't be so bad if the child is a boy but if it's a girl with the father's genes, it'd be a mess. Conclusion is, both the guy and the woman have to be handsome and pretty
2. [+192, -2] How can a young child have such an aura like that...
3. [+81, -5] My older daughter looks like me and my younger daughter looks like my husband. People don't even know that both are sisters ㅠㅠ
4. [+72, -1] It's said that the father plays a more important role than the mother when it comes to the child's looks ㅋㅋ For 90%, daughters tend to look like their fathers. Lee Young Ae's daughter is lucky...
5. [+69, -4] Kim Tae Woo's wife is pretty but their children look like Kim Tae Woo
6. [+66, -0] For Sean and Jung Hye Young, some of their children look like Sean and some of them look like his wife... It depends
7. [+62, -2] There are statistics that the child will look more like their father than the mother ㅋㅋ
8. [+61, -0] Doesn't matter how pretty the woman is. It's all useless if her husband is ugly
9. [+60, -1] Even if the woman is a natural beauty, it's no good if the guy is ugly. Both have to be handsome and pretty
10. [+58, -0] Indeed ㅋㅋ Olivia Hussey is an elf but her daughter is averagely pretty