[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150928 Gong Daeyu Instagram Update: ‘XIA FIRST LOVE FANMEETING’ in Kobe

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JYJ3 Note: Gong Daeyu was the MC for Junsu’s fanmeeting today
(He has been the MC in the past for 2013 JYJ Membership Week’s Japanese Fanmeeting, Park Yuchun Happy New Year 2014 Fanmeeting in Seoul, Kim Jaejoong’s Triangle Japanese Fanmeeting, Jeju island XIA with Junsu Fanmeeting, All of Yuchun ‘TGWSS’ Fanmeeting, & 「TOSCANA 1-year Anniversary Special Tour~All of Kim Junsu~」Fan Meeting)

[PHOTO] @ホテルオークラ神戸
2일간 수고 많으셨습니다
Japan first fanmeeting
참가하신 여러분
응원해주신 여러분
#XIA #준수 #ジュンス #ファンミ #팬미팅 #神戸 #고베 #日本 #일본instagram.com/p/8K6YxoAaF_/
@ Hotel Okura Kobe
Thank you for your hard work in 4 performances。
You’ve worked very hard for 2 days
Japan first fanmeeting
Everyone who had participated. [in both Japanese and Korean]
Everyone who gave their support. [in both Japanese and Korean]
Thank you. [in both Japanese and Korean]
#XIA #Junsu [in Korean] #Junsu [in Japanese]
#fanmeeting [in Japanese] #fanmeeting [in Korean]
#Kobe [in Japanese] #Kobe [in Korean]
#Japan[in Japanese] #Japan [in Korean]

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