"No Breathing" Girls' Generation Yuri Shares About Seo In Guk's Real Personality

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Seo In Guk's real personality was revealed.
Today, the cast of movie "No Breathing" Seo In Guk, Lee Jong Suk, and Girls' Generation's Yuri were interviewed through Naver Line star chatting.
On this day, Lee Jong Suk said, "I'm the type to whine and complain if I'm tired or if I don't like something and Seo In Guk takes it all in for me like an adult."Like Us on Facebook :
Yuri also said, "He's actually pretty quiet in real life. He's calm and really manly."
Internet users who watched this said, "He has good looks and good personality," "How charming," and etc...
The movie "No Breathing" is about two swimmers preparing to be national swimmers, experiencing strong friendship and passion. It will be released on October 30.
Photo Credit: Naver Line Star Chatting