[NEWS] 150924 The person, to whom JYJ Junsu promised to exchange uniform at the FC MEN match is?

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Fortune teller LoveMeDo, who participated in the “FIGHTING HERO FCMEN JAPAN Charity Match” held at Yokohama stadium, on the 21st, revealed through twitter that he and JYJ Junsu had promised to exchange uniform,
LoveMeDo who participated as the player of Japan team “Love Me JAPAN” on the 21st, told on his personal twitter (tweeted) about his promise with Junsu, who participated as the player of Korean team “FCMEN,” of exchanging uniform, “The contents of what I talked to Junsu is ‘won’t you exchange uniform (with me)? How about that?’ I said! ‘Then, in the waiting room!’ became of the talk but, I had next work (to go to) so wasn’t able to exchange! It was perfect, I had even removed unnecessary hair so that it was okay if I was to strip till the waist!!”

Unfortunately, it seems (they were) not able to exchange uniform but, before match or during the match, for a little interval, (we were) able to see the form of Junsu and LoveMeDo talking familiarly.
“FIGHTING HERO FCMEN JAPAN Charity Match” was held as a charity match for the Nepal earthquake victims, Junsu was selected for the best player award.
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