Miss A Min’s Doctored Picture of Sunmi… Why Did She Do It?

onto Sunmi

Miss A member Min uploaded a doctored photo of former Wonder Girls member Sunmi onto her Instagram. But why did she do it?
Because of the photo, Min is surrounded by a controversy labeling her as a racist. She modified a photo of Sunmi, who resides in the same agency as Miss A, and combined it to include rapper Rick Ross.
Min manipulated the photo so that Rick Ross' face is on Sunmi's sexy body, who looks as if he is reaching for a fried chicken drumstick. It was uploaded with the caption "24 Servings Isn't Enough," to parody Sunmi's song "24 Hours," which includes the lyrics, "24 Hours Is Not Enough."Like Us on Facebook :
No matter what Min's intent was, overseas netizens pointed out that the fried chicken was used to make fun of black people, and she is now the center of a racism controversy. They speculate that she was using the stereotype that all black people love fried chicken to poke fun using this photo.
People in the online community had vastly different opinions, and commented, "Min's racism controversy, why does it have to include Sunmi's body?" "Suzy must be so tired from earning all the money," "It could really mean nothing at all, but Min should still explain herself," and "I don't understand why she used a photo of Sunmi, who is in the same agency, to doctor the photo." The photo has been taken down.