Miss Korea : photos & video from press conference event

<div>Miss Korea : photos & video from press conference event</div>

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Posted on December 19, 2013
by daiko

It’s so unfortunate for Miss Korea to have a same premiere date with highly anticipated drama You Who Came From the Stars. While the later drama scored impressive 15.9% rating (according to AGB Nielsen), Miss Korea struggled with single digit number 7%.
But, it’s still far from the end and the situation could be reversed when both drama unfolds their story.
Miss Korea has a promising trailer and hopefully their rating number gets better.
In the meantime, let’s check the drama’s photos and videos from press conference event. Lee Yeon Hee
Lee Sun Gyun
Lee Ki Woo
Lee Sung Min
Song Sun Mi
Lee Mi Sook
Go Sung Hee
Press conference video

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