Miss A’s Min on Racism Controversy ‘Didn’t Mean Anything By It’ Recognizes Her Mistake

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Miss A Min's agency revealed her motives on uploading the controversial photo.
Min uploaded a doctored photo of rapper Rick Ross on former Wonder Girls member Sunmi's body, in which he is reaching for a fried chicken drumstick. She uploaded the photo onto her Instagram with the caption "24 servings Is not enough." Sunmi's body photo is a screen capture from her latest music video of "24 Hours." Internet users have commented on the photo, saying that it was racist of Min to use black people's love of chicken as the topic for this photo.
In an interview on October 21st, Min's agency stated, "Min uploaded the photo with no other motive," and "She then realized her mistake and took down the picture," and explained that Min never had any racist intentions.Like Us on Facebook :
Internet users have taken opposing sides on this matter, and commented, "Min's racism controversy, shouldn't she clarify her position?" "What was she thinking when she uploaded such a picture?" "She should have thought carefully before uploading the photo," and "What could she possibly be trying to say with this photo?"
Photo credit: Min's Instagram