Miss A’s Comeback is Finally Happening!

Miss A’s Comeback is Finally Happening!

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Ellie | March 17, 2015 | News |

After what seems like a forever-hiatus, Miss A dropped teaser images for “Colors” on March 18! 
The last we heard from Fei, Xia, Suzy, and Min was 2013’s “Hush.” The girls have engaged in acting and promotional activities, especially ever-present member Suzy who’s done several commercials and dramas. Fei has been active in both China and Korea with various variety program and drama activities. Xia made her acting debut in China and has lent her rapping abilities to Ivy’s “I Dance.” Min has also acted; in 2014, there were rumors she was going to make her solo debut, but this turned out to be nothing much to our disappointment.
Judging by the teasers, “Colors” seems like it will be a fun, light-hearted, feminine song as the girls look pretty-in-pink. For us, it might be fun to see Miss A return to their quirky selves like they did during their debut with “Breathe.” We love and miss the fun sides of Miss A. Don’t get us wrong: We love sexy and mature, but fun made us love Miss A.
In addition to the teasers, JYP Entertainment announced Miss A now has a fan cafe and they’ll be holding a showcase on March 30.
The album and MV for “Colors” also drops March 30, so be on the lookout for more teasers!
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