The members of Block B decide who is disguise for the promise of the first of Park Kyung

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The members of Block B 블락비 decide who is disguise …
Jaehyo and U-Kwon of Block B, are helping with the promise of the first place of Park Kyung.
September 26, Block B was live through Naver V App Live to a video called “Ordinary Chuseok“. The video revealed, members play a game to find out who will be joining Park Kyung to its promise of the first place for their most recent song “Ordinary Love”.

The boys plays jegichagi, a Korean traditional game which consists of hitting more jegi (ball) to win. The Member who loses should dress like a cucumber with Park Kyung. After several rounds, U-Kwon and Park Kyung end up last.
“I do not know why I do it, I will help Park Kyung for the sake of promotions because I lost the game fairly. If Park Kyung does so well, Block B will do so well“, says U-Kwon.
“We will do our best to help,” adds Jaehyo.