MAMAMOO Reveals Mysterious Teaser Video + Images

MAMAMOO Reveals Mysterious Teaser Video + Images

onto MAMAMOO Reveals Mysterious Teaser Video + Images

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Vocal powerhouse MAMAMOO is gearing up for their comeback on April 2 with “AHH OOP!”
On March 26, MAMAMOO announced via their official Twitter account, “MAMAMOO video sneak attack! Teaser image sneak attack! Release date sneak attack! Kkya-ak it’s a sneak attack party! Finally, MAMAMOO’s comeback on April 2! Meet us on a bright spring day!”
According to the girl group’s management agency, MAMAMOO’s upcoming album will make their comeback “with an upgraded level of showmanship and music that will live up to their [name] as a skilled girl group. Moreover, as much as it is a special album, they have a secret [weapon] in store for you, so we ask for your high expectations.”

In the revealed teaser images, the girls of MAMAMOO wear colorful prints and stripes in pink, yellow, green, and more.

In one of them, the silhouette of a mysterious fifth figure is added with the text “MAMAMOO + ?” upping the anticipation for whom the special collaborator on the album might be.
Do you have any guesses?

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Hyun Bin‘s anticipated comeback drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me” ended with disappointing ratings.According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings for the final episode of “Hyde Jekyll, Me” was 4.3 percent. This is half the first episode’s ratings, which was 8.6 percent. In fact, that is the highest percentage recorded for this whole drama. The lowest hit during episode 19, which came down to 3.4 percent. With MBC‘s “Kill Me, Heal Me” and KBS2‘s “Unkind Ladies” airing at the same time, this drama could not prevail against the battle for high ratings. Via ohupic

--> Stumbling at the first step, SBS′ Hyde, Jekyll, Me failed to recover despite its brilliant cast as it closed the curtains on March 26. The last episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me recorded a rating of 4.3 percent. Its highest rating was for episode 1 on January 21 with 8.6 percent, while its lowest rating was 3.4 percent on March 25. The drama had an average rating of 5.3 percent. Hyde, Jekyll, Me began with high expectations that were quickly dashed when the first episode included situations that left viewers speechless. Via ohupic

Added episode 9 for the Korean drama "Unkind Women"Watch on DramaFever"Unkind Women" (2015) Directed by Yoo Hyeon-gi Written by Kim In-yeong Network : KBS With Kim Hye-ja, Chae Si-ra, Do Ji-won, Lee Ha-na, Lee Soon-jae, Jang Mi-hee,... 24 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:50 Synopsis A drama which depicts three generations of women living in the same family. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/02/25Watch on DramaFever Note : due to licensing, videos may not be available in your country Via ohupic

--> Finally returning after making fans wait too long, miss A dropped the first teaser video for its upcoming song, Only You.The video, released on March 27, showed a man peeping into a house using binoculars, as he spied on the miss A members, who comfortably carried on their business without noticing. Only You was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, who also created SISTAR′s Touch My Body. miss A will make its return with its seventh project album, Colors on March 30.Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment Via ohupic

Added new 3rd teaser video, posters and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Falling For Innocence""Falling For Innocence" (2015)Directed by Ji Yeong-sooWritten by Yoo Hee-kyeongNetwork : jTBCWith Jeong Kyeong-ho, Kim So-yeon, Yoon Hyeon-min, Park Yeong-gyoo, Ahn Seok-hwan, Kong Hyeon-joo,...Fri, Sat 21:45SynopsisA man who is a cold-blooded hunter gets heart surgery and due to cellular memory syndrome, he becomes warm hearted. He meets a woman, then learns the true meaning of happiness and love.