Kim Woo Bin's Love For G-Dragon Goes Way Back? "GD♡I"

<div>Kim Woo Bin's Love For G-Dragon Goes Way Back? "GD&#9825;I"</div>

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Actor Kim Woo Bin's love for G-Dragon was revealed. (Photo : online community) Actor Kim Woo Bin's love for G-Dragon was proven true.
In the preview of today's Mnet "M! Countdown," MC Kim Woo Bin was connected on a phone call with G-Dragon, and he blushed the instant as he called him "Hyung (older brother)."Like Us on Facebook
Kim Woo Bin had previously chosen G-Dragon as a singer he wants to get close to on a radio program, and he said "I'm a huge fan of G-Dragon but it was hard approaching him."
Recently, one online community posted a picture of scribbles on a paper that was from the filming days of KBS2 drama "School 2013," where Kim Woo Bin wrote "GD♡I." This proved the love Kim Woo Bin had for G-Dragon since 'School 2013' days.
Internet users who saw this commented, "No! G-Dragon is Jung Hyung Don's," "G-Dragon even makes guys fall in love," etc.
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