Kim Tae Hee Loves Open Water Diving, Has Certification

Kim Tae Hee Loves Open Water Diving, Has Certification

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In today’s installment of celebrities with hobbies you probably didn’t know about, actress Kim Tae Hee reveals her passion for open water diving.
In a brand new spread for InStyle, Kim Tae Hee romances Cancun, Mexico in dreamy ombre dresses featuring vivid cool tones like cerulean and violet. The actress looks stunning as she poses in the colorful, picturesque streets of Cancun.

In the corresponding interview, she shares, “After being in cold Korea, I feel like I’m automatically getting healed by experiencing the warm sunbeams and refreshing breeze.”
Kim Tae Hee, who got her open water diving certification three years ago, shares about her passion for her hobby, “I really wanted to come to Cancun for the cave diving, which is called ‘cenote.’ After diving in Jejudo and Kangwondo, I went on a diving trip to the Philippines last year. I will never forget the feeling of seeing a blindingly shiny school of sardines.”
She continues, “This diving trip, I was able to see the illusion of a heat haze (called halocline) that occurs when the saltwater and freshwater meet, and it was really cool.”

Meanwhile, you can catch the full pictorial of Kim Tae Hee in Cancun in InStyle’s April issue.