Kim Soo Hyun opens Instagram

Kim Soo Hyun opens Instagram

onto Korean SNS

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Kim Soo Hyun has joined the world of Instagram!
He created his account today on March 17th and currently has over 70,000 followers. He also greeted the fans by showing his bright smile in his first uploaded selca on Instagram.
Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun will make his acting return in KBS”s upcoming drama “Producers”.
Go go follow his Instagram below!
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The phenomenal “Reply” series is finally returning this year with another season!A representative of tvN revealed on March 17, “We are planning to air ‘Reply 1988‘ sometime in the second half of the year. The exact broadcast period has not been decided yet.” The production team is currently working on the script for the drama.Earlier today, producer Shin Won Ho shared that “Reply 1988″ will be a family drama set in the year 1988. Slightly stepping away from the original format, the director hopes to focus on the heart-warming stories of diverse families, and plans to take inspiration from the MBC drama “Three Families Under a Roof,” which enjoyed huge popularity in the 80s. Via ohupic

Super Junior Kim Heechul and TRAX member Kim Jung Mo are getting ready to make a comeback with their unit, M&D!On March 16, Kim Heechul posted a photo on his Weibo of the M&D music video set, the Super Junior member in the directors chair with comedians Jang Dong Min and Lee Jin Ho, singer Gun Hee, pro gamer Jo Jae Yeol, and GFRIEND Yerin around him watching the filming. “Coming soon M&D,” the post says.An SM Entertainment rep also stated to TV Report on March 17, “Kim Heechul and Kim Jung Mo’s unit M&D is preparing a new album. Via ohupic

Previously, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In has been accused of plagiarizing her latest music video. Fans of her have come to her defense against plagiarism accusation from American brand Xoticy and its creator Monica Wilson, uploading various videos of other dancers with similar moves as alleged proof.On the popular community website portal, DC Inside, a fan published a thread in the “Brown Eyed Girls Gallery” with the title, “Ga In choreography plagiarism accusation counter data,” and posted a series of videos that showed many others using similar moves Xoticy has claimed as their own original moves in their accusation against Ga In. Via ohupic futher drum up anticipation for their 4th Japanese album "2PM of 2PM," JYP Entertainment revealed that the idols will soon be holding an Arena Tour scheduled for this coming spring.To get fans excited about the tour, the six-member group uploaded a teaser video onto their Japanese YouTube account, filled with practice scenes and information about the upcoming concert dates.Unlike their most recent Korean release Go Crazy, 2PM of 2PM appears to take on a lighter tone, fitting in with the springtime mood. Via ohupic

SPY Episodes 13-16: The Ties That Bind Written by Camiele On March 17, 2015 In a lot of ways, a good show always leaves you a little something to nibble on as it ends. When done correctly, the viewer should be more than satisfied with its turnout. SPY may have earned its ending, but the moments leading up to it were… interesting, to say the least.Episode 13 revealed no one in this show can be trusted. SPY has a similar pattern of runaround as Three Days—just as you believe you’ve discovered all the dirty dealers in the show, a look around the corner reveals someone else plotting and scheming.