JYP Entertainment Defends An Online Photo Post By Miss A's Min Featuring Rick Ross's Head On Sunmi's Body

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Executives from JYP Entertainment, the record label for the K-pop girl group Miss A, defended band member Min in the wake of an online photo post on Monday that left some fans accusing the singer of racism.
The photo Min posted featured the head of rapper Rick Ross's pasted onto the body of Lee Sunmi formerly of Wonder Girls reaching for a piece of fried chicken is overt racism or something much more benign.
"Rick Ross--Lacking 24 servings," was Min's caption for the photo in a statement presumably referencing the racial stereotype that all African Americans like fried chicken.Like Us on Facebook :
The post has since been taken down.
"Min posted [the photo of Rick Ross's head on Sunmi's body to a social networking site] without any malicious intent," the JYP Entertainment statement read, according to the website allkpop.
"She later realized it was wrong of her to do so and took the picture down. She had no intention of causing a racial discrimination controversy."
Less than 24 hours after a story about Min's undeniably odd doctored photo was published on the website allkpop, 1,200 people had commented on the story, with emotions ranging from outrage to apathy.
Reader Alana Kang can't believe Min would put up something that racially insensitive.
"It's a damn shame," Kang wrote on Monday. "She spent years in America. She should know better."
The Miss A fan is presumably referring to the 22-year-old singer's time at the Repertory Company High School in New York City.
"That's like when [ESPN editor Anthony Federico wrote in a headline that NBA star] Jeremy Lin was 'a chink in the armor'...certain stuff you can't say and that's just how it is, no ifs ands or buts."
Reader Druidboss feels the incident is being blown way out of proportion.
"Omg! Anyone who knows anything about hip-hop will know that people constantly clown on Rick Ross for his weight," Druidboss wrote
"I've seen Rick Ross chicken memes on Facebook before. You're veering into pretty sketchy territory if you see fried chicken and your brain makes the automatic connection to black people before anything else."