Jinusean Denies April Comeback; BIGBANG, WINNER & iKON’s Future Uncertain

<div>Jinusean Denies April Comeback; BIGBANG, WINNER & iKON’s Future Uncertain</div>


It was recently reported by music industry officials that Jinusean will kickstart YG’s attack on this year’s lineup of comebacks and new releases, however the duo denied speculations regarding their rumored April comeback.
Their agency, YG Entertainment also denied the speculations and went on saying that there is nothing to be confirmed yet. Nonetheless, in an earlier statement, the agency confirmed the duo’s return in the spotlight with an indefinite date.
The representative was stated, “The teaser for April 1st is not for Jinusean.” 
The agency released a controversial ‘Who’s Next’ teaser photo on their official blog on the 25th, garnering attention and criticism from fans. Albeit previous statements and reports that BIGBANG will be making their April comeback, the agency denied implicating a further delay not only with BIGBANG, but WINNER’s comeback after their successful debut and iKon‘s first shot at the spotlight.
However, fans speculate that the teaser photo recently released was for G-Dragon‘s Hologram Concert, with the photo bearing the same date as GD’s concert date.