[Interview] Ji Sung Says Lee Bo Young’s Favorite Personality in ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ is Ahn Yo Na

[Interview] Ji Sung Says Lee Bo Young’s Favorite Personality in ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ is Ahn Yo Na

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One cannot leave out the name Ji Sung while talking about Kill Me Heal Me. Acting as Cha Do Hyun, who has seven different personalities, Ji Sung successfully led the 20-episode drama.
Going back and forth acting as different characters, such as Shin Se Gi, Ferry Park, Ahn Yo Seop, Ahn Yo Na and more, Ji Sung’s acting led to the formation of fandoms for each personality and gathered a lot of attention after each episode aired. Then which character did his wife, Lee Bo Young, feel most affectionate towards?

Meeting with reporters in Sinsa-dong on March 17, Ji Sung said, “Lee Bo Young liked Yo Na the most,” and shared that she even came to the drama set in order to show support for him filming in Hongdae.
Ji Sung said, “I had to film the scene showing Yo Na running through the streets and the filming took place with many people watching. I worried about running in front of so many people and Lee Bo Young who watched me film later told said, ‘I thought I would have fun watching, but I cried instead.’”
Ji Sung shared that she cried because she was so touched by how hard he was working as the head of household.
He jokingly said, “She thought that I work so hard as the head of household and began treating me really well all of a sudden. It′s no joke, she even packed lunch boxes for me.”

Soon to be a dad, Ji Sung couldn’t hide his excitement about the baby and said, “I want to hurry up and become a dad but time is going by so slowly. It’s amazing how I can see the baby getting bigger. The baby is due at the end of June but I think I would cry a lot once the baby is born. I will try to be a good father.”
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