[Instiz] Kang Sora praised for good manners while filming a CF with iKON's Bobby

<div>[Instiz] Kang Sora praised for good manners while filming a CF with iKON's Bobby</div>

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"There's a scene in their CF where they have to jump and hug each other and right when fall and stand up, Kang Sora extends her hands naturally to help Bobby up. It must be awkward as it's their first meeting but it seems as if she's taking care of her little brother~ ㅋㅋ" Her good manners can be seen even in her other projects... Q: In the Drama 'Doctor Stranger', we were impressed with the scene where you protect Lee Jong Suk's head as you two fall.
A: It wasn't in the script to support his head but my hand just naturally did so since I thought he could get hurt. My hands are pretty big and Lee Jong Suk's head is small so I found it quite easy to do so. + Fan-taken pictures from their CF filming:
Source: Instiz [1] "I find her so so beautiful... her figure is amazing" [2] "Wow he's filming with Kang Sora!" [3] "Jiwon-ah... I'm so jealous of you right now." [4] "Bobby as in Bobby and Kang Sora as in Kang Sora?! Woah" [5] "Look at her figure........ Bobby, you're so lucky" [6] "Unnie... you're so beautiful. I wish I was Bobby" [7] "A trainee's even filming a CF with Kang Sora... he's literally done everything before his debut ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm so jealous" [8] "Don't know whether I'm more jealous of Kang Sora or Bobby" [9] "At this point Bobby's honestly done everything... except for debuting" [10] "I'm a girl myself... but I'm getting butterflies about Kang Sora. So nice the way she treats her co-stars" [11] "She's got the looks, figure, and good character to top it off" -