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Republic of Korea Ground Forces will held their 13th annual festival from October 2nd through 6th in Gyeryong-city in Choongnam, South Korea.
The Ground Forces Festival or Gyeryong Military Culture Festival is one of the largest festivals in South Korea, this year it’s expected to host more than 1 million people during the course of the event and stands as a testament to South Korean people’s support of their military forces and the 62th anniversary of the armistice. Dozens of combat vehicles both air and ground along with South Korea’s military history and current technology will be displayed, along with other activities opened for the general public.
As you may know, among the idols/musicians in the military who auditioned to be part of the festival, only 6 were chosen, and Kim Jaejoong is one of them. According to the photos and accounts shared previously there isn’t any other popular idol chosen apart of him, these selected soldiers are the elites of their division and they are required to go for an intense training at Ground Forces Headquarters located in Gyeryong city – Choongnam, reason why we have many accounts about PFC Kim Jaejoong being located in Gyerong Troop and not in 55th Infantry Division nowadays.
This is the schedule for the upcoming performances at Ground Forces Festival, we don’t know for sure which day PFC Kim Jaejoong and the other 5 selected soldiers will do their performance. It’s rumored Kim Jaejoong will be part of the Opening Ceremony on October 2nd, but it’s not confirmed from official sources.

Official Site in English: http://www.armyfest.or.kr/english/Official Site in Korean: http://www.armyfest.or.kr/
JYJ3’s Note: This video news and schedule information are from 2013∼14 The Ground Forces Festival, but it’s very informative because since this festival is celebrated every year, the schedule may change but not the content.

“The Ground Forces Festival is the country′s largest military fair. It offers visitors the chance to see, hear and experience all aspects of the Army.”

PFC Kim Jaejoong is also rumored to be part of the Closing Ceremony of 6th CISM World Games Korea on October 11th LinkOctober is truly an expected month for JYJ’s fans^^
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