iKON appointed as honorary ambassadors for 'Suwon JS Cup'

<div>iKON appointed as honorary ambassadors for 'Suwon JS Cup'</div>

onto iKon

Source: Xsportnews via Naver 1. [+86, 0] Woah daebak, as expected of iKON ㅎㅎ I feel like they've already done everything except for debuting. Hurry up and debut soon so we can sweep out everything 2. [+71, 0] Does this mean we'll get new updates then?! It's great that they're given the chance to become honorary ambassadors for a great event even before they've debuted. 3. [+69, 0] Yang Hyun Suk, you know most people become honorary ambassadors... after they've debuted... 4. [+63, -1] So when are they going to debut? I'm so tired of waiting 5. [+56, 0] They haven't even debuted yet, are you allowed to do this kind of stuff? Debut them first before anything else. 6. [+25, 0] That's great and all but when's their debut? 7. [+22, 0] Wow... iKON's a great fit for this. 8. [+19, 0] Realistically... you should debut them first before this. -