Hyungsik is adored by the whole cast of “Laws of the Jungle”

Hyungsik is adored by the whole cast of “Laws of the Jungle”

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Everyone fell in love with ZE:A“s Hyungsik as the “baby soldier” in “Real Men” and people have fallen in love with him all over again from of his lovable personality in “Laws of the Jungle“.
In the March 27 airing of SBS” “Laws of the Jungle in Indochina”, in the prologue, Hyungsik was asked, “Are you confident about living in a group environment?”
“I”m used to following orders so I move instinctively,” he replied, referring to his army training for MBC”s “Real Men”.
And it looks like his time as a soldier really paid off in the jungle! The other cast members were full of compliments for Hyungsik.
Jang Su Won said, “Since Hyungsik has been in the army, when we ask him to bring a trumpet shell, he brings back a trumpet shell. When we ask him to make a fire, he makes a fire. He”s A Class.” Raymond Kim also added, “If I have a son, I want him to be like Park Hyungsik. He”s good looking and lovable.”
Meanwhile, Lee Sang Jae said, “He”s like a cute little brother. And he eats well.” Fellow singer Seo In Guk praised, “I don”t know if a man should say this but he”s such a lovable character.”
If you haven”t already, take a look at Hyungsik”s aegyo and cute personality in the episode below! Via ohupic

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